The city of Wallowa's adopted general fund budget for the 2003-2004 fiscal year is 21 percent below the 2002-2003 figure. The new budget of $237,400 was adopted at the city's June 10 meeting. It is $63,457 lower than the current general fund budget of $300,857.

Budget officer Ena May Dempsey explained that the biggest difference comes from moneys which were budgeted this past year for the Volunteer Fire Department fund. Some $64,000 was budgeted to help with the new fire hall, but is not anticipated to be spent. The new approved budget allocates $11,419 to the Volunteer Fire Department fund.

The latest round of bids for the proposed new fire hall will be opened at 3 p.m. Tuesday, June 24. A special meeting to award the bid is tentatively set for Tuesday, July 1.

At the June 10 meeting Rob Burns of Kni-Co. Manufacturing was authorized to construct a new 60 ft. x 20 ft. building for his business on the condition that he can come to terms with the Wallowa County Grain Growers which owns the land he wishes to build on.

It was also noted that the city will go out for bids to pave North Pine Street from Hwy. 82 to Henderson Fuel on the Truck Route. The city has a $25,000 special city allotment grant to help pay for the project. Discussion was also heard on the possible chip sealing of Riverside Avenue. If the work can be done for less than $5,000 bids need not be let.

Unlike recent years, it was decided not to have a city-wide clean-up day this summer.

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