The past couple weeks in the Wallowa High School Government class we've been studying the effects of voting on the polls in presidential and state elections. We looked at how rural communities such as Wallowa County aren't heard when it comes to voting, and how many people think their vote doesn't matter. We watched videos on how people's votes actually matter in polls. This week we are studying the electoral college and how much it swings each election, and how certain states can make a big difference in the election.

We wanted to ask this specific question because of just how much our voices aren't heard in the county as well as other smaller counties. We figured there'd be many people who'd vote yes in response to our question. By asking this question, we're going to study the statistics of the data after we've polled all the data to analyze the difference in how Oregon votes on these issues and how smaller counties vote on these issues. We would like to have people submit their responses at

The question is on the link with a yes and no option to respond.

The Wallowa High School Government Class

Chieftain editor's note: For those who would like to respond, but can't access Survey Monkey (the link) The Chieftain will have paper ballots for your response. You are welcome to vote here, and we will ensure that the government class gets your ballots.

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