These haiku Christmas poems were penned by Lisa Lindsey's third grade class at Wallowa Elementary School.

What Happens In Winter

by Micah Healy

The game comes down and

the birds fly south for winter,

the hunters go out.


by Ethan Burns

Winter is here now,

reindeer running on your roof,

Santa drives the sleigh.


by Caevan Murray

Reindeer flying high,

snow falling from the clear sky,

the Christmas tree stands.


by Brianna Poulson

Penguins waddle far

I can walk like a penguin,

unique black and white.


by Joseph Pendarvis

Christmas is coming,

Christmas is coming today,

it will be so fun.


by Cameron Salmon

Winter is coming,

I go sledding with my friends,

sledding is so cool.


by Salena Renfroe

Christmas is winter's

holiday, Jesus's birth,

it is fun and nice.

Christmas Eve

by Will Bernhardt

I like Christmas Eve,

Santa comes to my house,

then cookies for Santa.


by Dylan Carper

Christmas is coming,

Santa's sleigh will be here soon,

Winter is now here.

Christmas Is Cool

by Nicholas Zdroy

Christmas is so cool,

you might get a five-star pool,

it's making me drool.


by Daniel Delancey

Christmas is so cool,

it might even make you drool,

just don't be a fool.

Christmas Day

by Adrianna Gockley- Fine

It is Christmas Day,

I lay gently in the snow

as the snow falls down.


by Madison Plew

Christmas time is here,

now people get Christmas trees,

Santa comes for kids.

Christmas Is Coming

by Maddi Tracy

Christmas is coming,

Time to find a Christmas tree,

Santa will come soon.

Christmas Day

by Chance Goebel

It is Christmas Day,

Christmas Day is very fun,

Christmas is now here.


by Teagan Miller

Horses run in snow,

gliding over snow with grace,

Christmas is now near.

Christmas Pigs

by Sebastian Hobbs

Christmas pigs are here,

grunting everywhere at night,

also daytime too!

Time To Hide

by Nojah Chamberlain

Snow rabbits hiding,

cozy, warm inside their hide,

time to stay inside.


by Michelle Blasch

Snow is white and soft,

people get their Christmas trees,

people get presents.

Christmas Is Coming

by Cailey Murray

Christmas is coming,

so are the Christmas presents,

the stockings are hung.


by Chris Wood

Christmas is coming,

decorate the Christmas tree,

put the star on top.

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