Choosing favorite at Youth Art Show.

Jennifer Hawkins-Connolly and three of her third-grade art students, Ashlee Meyers, Lillian Weer and Linden Arentsen, choose which of an eclectic collection of ceramic sculptures are their favorites at the Youth Art Show at the Joseph Center. The show had a ten-day run and closed on April 30.

The annual Wallowa Valley Youth Arts Festival completed its successful ten day run on Tuesday, April 30, with art by students of all grade levels from across Wallowa County. More than 200 drawings, paintings and sculptures festooned the Josephy Center’s walls. Exhibits ranged from whimsical to thought provoking, and presented a fresh outlook on things from a youngster’s viewpoint.

“The county and the parents should be very proud of what their kids have accomplished,” said art show judge Leslie Leviner. “The schools are engaging them in very interesting projects. And you can see the older students becoming more independent in their creativity and visions.”

Student entries came from all grade levels, K-12, from the Enterprise and Wallowa School Districts, as well as Joseph Charter School, the Seventh Day Adventist Christian School, and home-schooled students. Awards included blue ribbons to kindergarteners Kaemon Ellis, Swade Shetler, Makenzi Shave, and Selah Mildrexler, First graders Arianwyn Nash and Bennette Unze, Second graders, Matthew Moore, and Joseph Birkmaier, third graders Caleb Beachy and Acaydia Ellis, and Charli Farner, fifth graders Owyhee Harguess, Abigail Dundas, MacKenzie Harguess and sixth graders Lucas Goodrich, Jane Moore, and Gardner Sinclair. High School students who garnered blue ribbons included Ellie Collier, Sarah Beavdoir, Jacob Gross, Gwenllian Nash, and Tori Suto.

Judges Leviner, Dawn Norman, and Steve and Joella Arment also accorded special recognition to Gabriel Hawkins-Connolly for a felt-based piece titled Druid’s Cloak of Spring. People’s Choice award went to Piper Larison.

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