The news article by Steve Tool, “McKee withdraws Big Sheep campground application”, in the Chieftain’s July 17 edition is misleading and disingenuous. Mr. Tool states there were “about one dozen had filed letters in opposition” when in fact there were in excess of 50 letters in opposition; Mr. Tool says that McKee purchased about 825 acres of land but McKee only purchased 262 acres of that total; Mr. Tool further states “McKee withdrew that application when faced with opposition at the June Planning Commission meeting” it was the May 28 meeting (not June) and McKee couldn’t have faced any opposition because he did not attend the May 28 meeting, instead McKee sent an email to the Planning Department at 8:50 am that morning requesting a postponement and asking that his email be read at the meeting that night; and finally Mr. Tool states “The plan called for initial development of six sites with additional sites being added as market conditions indicated” however McKee’s April 15 CUP application states “Our intent is to test out 6 spots initially …and slowly and methodically add spaces in a calculated way” but when McKee was asked by the Planning Department to provide more details in his April 15 plot map McKee’s updated May 16 plot map showed a total of 31 potential campsite locations. If Mr. Tool had taken the time and initiative to visit the Planning Department to read all of their documents associated with this CUP he could have avoided these errors.

Rodney and Linda Botts


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