The river is up but that doesn't stop our local fishermen. Don Marks caught a beautiful 35 pound, 45 inch Chinook this week. Unfortunately, I was out of town and failed to get a picture of it. Chuck and Pam Garrett brought several relatives and friends down for supper at the Imnaha Store. They were standing on the bridge when Don Siedelman hooked a 22-pound Chinook. He was busy working the fish in and looked up and realized he had an audience of fifteen people or so enjoying the show. They were from Montana and Arizona and had come for the Antique Car show held in Joseph and to visit the Garrett's. Little tenderhearted Allie Garrett made a donation to the worthy cause of buying our mayor some suspenders. It's amazing when even small children are touched by the needs they see around them!

On Saturday, the All-School Reunion was held at the Imnaha Bridge School. It was rather small this year with only 30 or so people, but everyone had a good time visiting and enjoying all the wonderful food. Some were worried about it being too hot but it was held inside the school, which has air-conditioning. It will be held the third Saturday in June next year and will start later in the day, at 5:30 in the evening to beat the heat.

The Imnaha Rodeo Club held their Poker Ride and Playday on Sunday. It was well attended and everyone had fun. On the Poker Ride, the riders were sent to different destinations where they received a card, collecting their last card back at the rodeo grounds. At that point, they could look at their cards and whoever held the highest poker hand won the prize.

This year Mrs. Keating from Elgin won first prize with two pair, Brinda Stanley won second, and Mayah Lowe third. In the children's division, winners were Kailin Post of Summerville for first,

Clayton Lowe won second, and Toviyah Lowe won third. For the riding events, the All-Around Plaque Winners were Rylie Warnock in the PeeWee Division, Ethan Lowe in the Junior's, Kailin Post of Summerville in the Teen's, Mayah Lowe in the Ladies', and Ric Gordon of Summerville in the Men's.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Don't forget the retirement bash for Barb Warnock this weekend, June 22, at 5:30 at Bragg's Shop, ten miles upriver. There will be a pit barbecue and everyone can bring side dishes such as salads, casseroles or desserts. Everyone is welcome!

TO AND FRO: Doc Morgan had company - some of his kids came to visit. He has so many kids, he wasn't sure which ones they were. Someone said they saw Sam and Susan there with some hangers-on (you know those little ones you grab by the hand and take with you).

Earl Krupp of Corbett came to visit Weldon and Barb Witherrite.

Hal and Zelda Crane along with their daughter, Lori, and granddaughter, Becca, and Janet Fields, Emilie Siedelman and myself went to Parma, Idaho, for a four-day church convention which was like a little piece of heaven here on earth. It was so wonderful, we hated to leave! Doug Carriger's sister, Donna, and her husband, Chet Miller from Tracy, California stopped by for a couple of days on their way home from a vacation at Lake Louise, Canada.

WILDLIFE: Weldon Witherrite says the resident mom turkey took her babies (who are now 3 weeks, 2 days old) for a flight across the Imnaha River. The babies fly pretty well. She returned a couple of days later with only 13 babies so two of them didn't make it. We hate to hear she lost any, as they were doing so well in spite of the many predators hanging around.

PEANUT BUTTER & MAYO: I am getting e-mails from far and wide on this subject; even Kalamazoo, Mich. (What could be more exotic than Kalamazoo?) Betty Whitman writes that her late husband, John Whitman, was from NE Oregon. He is Florence Brennan's brother and a cousin of the Witherrite's. Betty says when her children were young, they liked to swim off a huge rock below the bridge here at Imnaha. She grew up eating PB and Mayo sandwiches and says the secret is to go light on the Mayo.

Charleen Haines of Enterprise, a "dyed-in-the-wool" Montanan (even though she's lived in Wallowa County for 34 years) thought PB and Mayo was a Montana concoction. But she says the reason I didn't like the sandwich is because I was missing an important ingredient, lettuce! Well, Charleen, I will be sure to try it again with lettuce. I'm sure I will love it!

Trisa Barton of Joseph writes that husband, Jess eats PB and Mayo sandwiches all the time but being the gourmet he is, he adds dill pickles in the winter and Imnaha tomatoes in the summer. Oh, yes, and salt and pepper! And daughters, Rikki and Tilli have won many a bet about whether they really eat this delicacy or not!

Carol McCrae says when she was young, they tried peanut butter with dill pickles, with bacon, and with Mayo and liked them all. And she also enjoys PB with bananas or peaches but prefers Adam's Peanut Butter, which also has my vote.

Cheryl Post is the first person that wrote that agreed with me on this subject. She says she can think of better foods to try than to force a gaggy sandwich like that down her gullet!

Shirley Haines says they not only ate nasturtium leaf sandwiches but also chewed on timothy grass and clover blossoms while wearing dresses made from printed flour sacks. Now this takes us to a whole new subject - flour sack dresses. I remember wearing those dresses. Dear readers, how many you wore flour sack dresses?

THIS AND THAT: My daughter, Sonya Taylor of Tacoma, Washington sent me a note saying that according to a Finnish study that was just completed, they have discovered that each son you have will take 34 weeks off your life while daughters add a few weeks. Which is right up there with the study that says women live longer if they are not married and men live longer if they are. In other words, men will be the death of us.

For one thing, it's so hard to get them dressed right. I have told you about the time we met another couple at a fancy restaurant and when Don got out of the car, I noticed he was wearing sweat pants. To top it off, the crotch had ripped from knee to knee and he had stapled it back together. I was lucky that I didn't have an apoplexy right there in the parking lot and that would have taken all the rest of the years off my life!

He also likes to wear his clothes several times more than I think he should and it's a constant battle to get him into a fresh outfit. The other day we were going to go somewhere and I noticed he had his jeans lying there that he had worn for two or three days, ready to put on again. I grabbed some identical jeans (but freshly laundered and pressed) and took the belt out of his dirty ones and threaded it through the waist of the clean ones, transferred the wallet in the back pocket and the bills out of his front pockets to the new pair, and laid them on the chair where his dirty jeans had been. Later he came out all dressed and I said, "Did you put on clean jeans?" He said, "Oh, these are fine for one more day." I made a pretense of checking him out and said, "You know, dear, for once you are right! They do look pretty good!"

So you see, dear readers, I have discovered a wonderful weapon in the battle of keeping these men in good order. I'm going to buy a whole wardrobe of identical jeans and shirts and he will never know when I switch the clean for the dirty!

And that's the news from Imnaha Canyon where the men are aging the women before their time!

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