Kevin McCadden

Kevin McCadden

For this month’s column, I want to write about a person that means a lot to this community as well as the kids in it. Previously, I’ve written about students from my high school.

However for this one, I want to tell you about one of my favorite teachers and role models.

Kevin McCadden, the junior high and high school physical and earth science teacher as well as chemistry instructor, plays a big role in many of his students’ lives. McCadden can be funny as well as instructive and helpful. He strives to see the best in all his many students, as well as help them reach academic goals and even personal goals. Sadly, because I am a sophomore this year, I don’t have any classes with McCadden. Yet he still holds the spot for best teacher and is a great role model.

Even though I don’t have any classes with him, I can still see the great things he does for others, such as making a kid laugh with one of his many corny wife jokes or talking to a kid about how their day is going or how they think they did on their last test.

The biggest joy I got out of his classes was when he would have a test that no one was ready for. Then on the day of the test, he’d reschedule it to allow us more study time. He’d say he only did it because, “I’m such a nice guy.” But really, he wanted us to learn the subject.

McCadden strives for the highest goals for his students. A fellow classmate was having a really bad life at home. The student’s grades started to show that. McCadden went out of his way to talk to the student and address the problem. I, being a Natural Helper from the school wanted to help. After talking in the hall for some time, the problem settled down, and everything calmed down. McCadden, being a great, sweet and kind-hearted role model, gave the student a hug and wished them the best.

Even weeks after this, he continued to check the student and make sure that they were still doing okay.

When McCadden is not teaching his many students, he is helping many of them in other actives such as showing/selling livestock at the county fair, putting money into donation for groups such as FCCLA and FFA, and helping others learn about cattle industries and so much more.

To wrap this submission up, I want to write on behalf of all the countless kids you have taught. McCadden, thank you for all you have done for the community and the kids whom you have helped. And I know we are never to make fun of the bald head, but if you ever see McCadden out and about in his flatbed truck (probably with a bale of hay on the back) and his gleaming smile — along with the shining bald head — thank him for what he has changed in these kids’ lives because he means a lot to them.

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