The elections are over. Congratulations to everyone who took the time to vote and particularly those who allowed their name to be placed on the ballot. Top vote-getter or not, there are no losers here.

Congratulations to John Hillock on his success in earning a seat on the Wallowa County Commission. We look forward to working with him over the next four years.

There wasn’t much in the way of surprises this election, except maybe the vote to overturn the ban on marijuana sales in Joseph. I did not see that coming.

Time will tell whether that is a good direction for the city.

RON POLK has been doing yeomans work producing our monthly “Mountain Medicine” column. Last week, he added another member of the medical community to his lineup of contributors, Dr. Emily Sheahan.

She joined Dr. Kelsey Allen, who had written previous articles. We didn’t quite make the switch on our end complete and Dr. Kelsey’s “signature” wound up at the bottom of Dr. Sheahan’s column. Our apologies. It does appear correctly on our website

I believe Ron has a few more medical professionals lined up for this venture. Stay tuned.

WE WILL be observing early deadlines for the edition of Nov. 21, which means most everything will be completed Friday, Nov. 16. If you are planning to send us information, please keep that in mind.

We try to avoid early deadlines because it’s confusing for those who contribute calendar items, news releases and such. But at times they are unavoidable.

Best bet. Do it today.

LAST WEDNESDAY, we met up with our friends Mike and Linda Koloski for an evening of great food at the Enterprise VFW Post 4307. The group has reopened its dining room Wednesday evenings for the traditional all-you-can-eat taco feed.

Post Commander Kim Hutchison was our host for the evening of good food and lots of visiting. If you’ve never been to the VFW hall for taco night, you should plan to take the plunge.

The dinner is served in “taco bar” fashion, you get your preferred “shell,” meat and beans, then add whatever else suits your taste. There are also tortilla chips if you’d like to go the nacho direction.

It certainly is a time saver in the middle of a busy week, and you can’t beat the price. Proceeds go to a variety of worthy VFW causes.

FALL SPORTS season is drawing to a close. Congratulations to the Wallowa Cougar Varsity Football Team, which is on its way to a state championship.

I had a blast photographing many of the team’s games, sometimes not in the best of weather conditions.

You can get an accurate read on how good Wallowa’s defense is through the camera lens. You focus in on whoever is running the ball for the opponents and wait. Within seconds, a looming black uniform fills the frame and lands a tackle.

That shot is an old sports photographers trick, one of many I have picked up along the way. My first newspaper job was as a sports photographer.

I have photographed football teams where you can see in the captured frame defensive players waiting “down stream” for their opponent to arrive to make the tackle. That doesn’t happen with the Cougars.

The combined cross country teams also had a successful year, both finishing second in state. Considering the tender age of the boys team, I’d say cross country is in good hands for a number of years to come.

We can’t forget to mention Joseph’s football team. Undefeated and unofficial state champion of the six-man league. This was another team that was a pleasure to photograph. No shortage of action shots.

I was a bit disappointed at times that more people didn’t come out to see the Eagles in action. Even most home games were sparsely attended.

They will be back for the second year of the experimental six-man league next fall. Let’s see if we can fill the stands at least for home games.

Previews of winter sports teams are in the works. It’s a never-ending cycle.

IF YOU missed the Wallowa Valley Healthcare Foundation’s annual Healthy Futures Dinner and Auction Saturday, you missed a great event. It’s too bad that the old reliable Cloverleaf Hall is the largest facility the county has for a sit-down dinner. I have a hunch there would have been more people there had it not sold out so quickly.

The entertainment was terrific. Ted Hays was a terrific emcee and he and Carolyn Lochert made beautiful music while Gail Swart played the piano.

We stayed until the bitter end of the live auction because my wife was interested in bidding on the Tri-Cities American Hockey Package. As soon as the bidding began a dozen bidding cards flew up and kinda ended our hopes for being the successful bidder. As popular as that trip was, we may investigate how the Rotary could take a fun bus to a hockey game sometime this winter.


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