Fishtrap Story Lab inspires youth throughout Wallowa County to share their stories creatively, confidently, and playfully. Beginning with a focus on narrative craft, the program provides students with a host of multimedia tools—from video and animation equipment to music production software and beyond—to hone their skills as writers and producers. Story Lab emboldens students to explore themselves and the places they inhabit, encouraging personal growth and thoughtful participation in community conversation. The result is a generative program as rich and lively as Wallowa County itself.

The Perfect Breakfast

by Jett Leavitt, Joseph Charter 6th

If I had a perfect breakfast I would have triangle shaped pancakes cooked perfectly. I would dip the pancakes in perfect bacon grease. The pancakes would get smaller and smaller stacks on top of each other until it made a pyramid. The biggest pancake would be about as big as an adult’s hand and the smallest would be smaller than a piece of pencil lead. I would have half a bottle of syrup on it with a little butter. I would also have 25 blueberries, 25 strawberries, 15 banana slices, and a little yogurt. Finally, on my pancake I would add the most important part: a cherry on top.

I would also have a small cup of orange juice with zero pulp! I would have 5 pieces of perfectly done bacon and sausage. I would have square waffles stacked on top of each other to make a giant cube. I would have half a bottle of syrup on top of the waffles and 10 of each type of berries spread throughout the layers. I would have my fish powered dragon oven cook everything because it cooks it perfectly. The three baby dragons would put the berries on everything. I would have put them on but the directions were in Old English. I would also have the baby dragons pour my orange juice and burn the pulp. I would also have a bowl of special cereal. Special cereal is Lucky Charms, Cheerios, and milk all in a box. The most special part about it is it can’t get soggy. i would have an apple pie for dessert (not that my breakfast wasn’t sweet) and the pie would have sugar cinnamon apple cooked in a perfect pie crust.

With all that messy breakfast to clean up I would have a self cleaning napkin. I would also eat my breakfast on a solid gold table with special diamond table cloth that can bend. The table would be a long table with one chair on each side. The chairs would have a food design on the back of it that would make your mouth water. The design is a design of the ultimate French Biscuit Pancake Donut Waffle Toast. The chair would have a cushion so comfy if you close your eyes you fall asleep. That was my perfect breakfast and if I wasn’t so comfy I would eat it!

  

Writing Prompt: Details, details, details. Why do details matter? Don’t we all like ice cream? Sure. Except for not ice cream with motor oil instead of chocolate syrup on top. Make your reader’s mouth water with putting in as many details as possible about what your perfect breakfast would look like. Go!

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