Writing about home

Students: Imnaha

Subject: Home

Prompt: Close your eyes and imagine home, or write when you are home. What do you see? How does home make you feel? What does it remind you of? Here are some thoughts from students in Mrs. Warnock’s class in Imnaha, Oregon. Hope you enjoy!

Aaron Lopez, 1st grade:

Home makes me feel happy.

I see a piggy.

This is Shrek.

I like my bike.

I like my Sponge Bob.

I see my house, here is the sink.

This is my mask.

I see a sprinkler,

the stove inside.

Katharina E.R. Hoffman, 8th grade:

Horse books make me happy,

horse crafts make me smile.

Both can be time consuming

but can also be very worthwhile.

Cows are a way of life.

Button makes days very nice.

Pan is a friend in times of need,

Someday Button will be a mighty steed.

Mika is beautiful and loving.

When I’m in the saddle I’m hard to beat.

I have a memory without defeat.

Beautiful wildflowers are always near.

Souvenirs bering me happy memories for years.

Kourtney Hoffman, 1srt grade:

It makes me like Button. These are big horses. These are Reata, Zoey and Jasper. We are at the beach and these are seashells. This me me on the swings. This is my sister’s duck and these are my sister’s flowers. These are my flowers in our yard. These are our sheep, too.

Gabe Neveau, 4th grade:

This is my cat, Isaiah.

This is dad’s bull elk and it is very big.

This is the household angel, Moses.

These are the ducks.

This is long fluffer.

This is dark fluffer.

This is Roxy and the Zomibie calf.

This is stretched Moses, she is very fluffy.

This is the alien puppy.

Ruthy Neveau, K:

The chicks are in their pen and they are happy and they are nice. My brother is good at baseball. My mom loves Gabe. My brother is being weird on the hill. Our cat is nice. This chicken is in the horse’s pen and our chick’s tree is growing. We have animals on our farm. Our horses are nice, too. I painted a skull. This is my farm, and I love my home.

Bella Cervantes, 3rd grade:

When I see my kitties they look like fluffballs with eyes. When I hold them I feel warm and fluffy inside and outside. I love them. Sometimes they lay down, sometimes they stare. I love my kitties very much. Having kitties is very fun.

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