It looks like winter has arrived.

The Grande Ronde River is icing up pretty good with a buildup of ice along the sides of the river. And there are still a few fishermen trying to pull in one more steelhead before the river freezes over. From what I have heard, the fishing has slowed down. We still have some bird hunters around.

The Troy School will be having their Christmas Program and Potluck dinner Thursday, Dec. 13, at 5:30 p.m. The potluck will come first, with the program to follow. Everyone is invited to prepare a favorite dish and come join us.

As we get into the short days and deep snow, we will need things to do in the evenings. It would be a good idea to stop by the Wallowa County Troy Library and pick out a couple of books, or maybe some movies for those long cold evenings. We also have computers if you need to look something up on the Internet. Drop in and take a look.

As the winter gets under way, the Eden Bench gets pretty quiet, and that seems to bring out all of the animals and birds. When the weather gets cold or it starts to snow the elk think it is time to be fed and start hanging out around the feeding station, until they figure out it isn't cold enough yet.

We have started putting birdseed out for the birds that spend the winter with us. You just don't know how many blue jays you have until you fill your feeders. And what about that woodpecker that started working on our house again?

Last week we had about 40 turkeys in the yard, but none over the past two days. I'll bet they are on their way to Troy because they think it is warmer down there. Won't they get a surprise. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Have a great week.

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