As the current loyal opposition party, Republicans must do more that just say no. We must promote ideas and then follow through with actions. A paramount problem for President Barack Obama and the Democrat leadership in both the house and senate is their misguided preoccupation with the threat of climate change.

I recently wrote to the President urging him to initiate a free, fair, open, public debate on "climate change." I added, as a graduate Meteorologist, I was confident that the so called "deniers" would demolish the non-scientific arguments of Al Gore and his "fellow travelers." This would then allow him to ignore any need for "Cap and Trade" or any other draconian measures to restrict carbon growth in our atmosphere. It would also permit him to open all avenues to achieve energy independence without government interference.

I was very disappointed with The White House response. It was obviously a form letter thanking me for contacting him. The letter stated: "I appreciate hearing your prospective on global warming. Few challenges facing our Nation are more urgent. The facts are clear, and the science is beyond dispute. We know that we cannot keep burning fossil fuels and adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere without consequence. If left un-checked, our continued dependence on these sources of energy will further weaken our economy and threaten our national security."

I find it hard to believe that the man at the desk where the buck stops is unwilling to take a final step to achieve the truth. I wasn't asking him to believe me. I was urging him to convene a panel of knowledgeable scientists equally divided between those who believe climate change is man caused and those who don't.

Unfortunately, he and his advisers believe the hype and propaganda promoted by the environmental machine. As a result, our nation will fail to gain energy independence, squander billions tilting at windmills, greatly inflate the cost of energy, and suffer a negative impact on our economy.

Republicans need only demand what I asked of President Obama. The public will back you because they recognize the danger of making costly decisions without striving for the truth. More scientists continue to become deniers. Recently Neil Frank, a man that I know personally and greatly admire, told the Washington Post, "Global warming is a hoax." We were both at Florida State in the early 60s. He earned a PhD in Meteorology while I was pursuing a master's degree.

Frank was Director of the National Hurricane Center for many years. Republicans need only to publicize comments from renowned scientists to force a debate. Gore and the global warming cabal can't continue to hide behind the fig leaf that science supports their thesis and that the issue is settled.

Unfortunately, the Democrat leadership seems to be saying don't bother us with facts, our minds are made up. This was certainly illustrated by EPA when Alan Corlin, an agency scientist, was conducting research that countered the party line. Essentially he was told to shut up and stop that line of research. The EPA then categorized carbon dioxide, a vital gas needed for our very existence, as a pollutant. Even worse, they recently listed carbon restrictions on industrial users.

As discussed two weeks ago, health care is an area ripe for immediate action by Republicans. Both the house and senate omnibus bills delay major implementation until 2013. Many single subject bills, addressing needed reforms, could be passed before the end of this year and implemented in 2010.

Each bill must be designed to cut costs or effectively improve or expand service. Included should be:

Regulatory Reform; Portability; Combat of Fraud and Abuse; Real Tort Reform; Medical Savings Accounts; Promotion of Free Enterprise; Increased Competition; Industry Insurance Pool; Industry Insurance Exchange; and Private Coops.

Even if Democrat leaders pigeon-hole each bill, the minority party will establish a positive record for 2010.

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