My View: Aging process demands sense of humor

My View: An appreciation of the place ... and you

It is an uphill battle trying to look young and professional, when you are old.

My head is the greatest challenge because it has the most easily seen wrinkles and signs of aging.

One reason for my looking-youthful campaign is because I am a lot younger on the inside than my chronological age. Yet, my exterior shows that I am old.

To erase wrinkles, one needs lotions, unguents and potions. Daily, there is a new and miraculous wrinkle- and pore reducing product. The models showing how youthful one's face will look after using the latest cream are very smooth-skinned. They obviously haven't been on the roller coaster of life.

Gray hair is fine, and quite beautiful on some folks. But to me, it isn't fun. So, I dyed my hair red. I like it, but the upkeep takes hours filled with the application of chemicals. It is a good thing I like my hair technician, since we spend so much time together.

As a gift to myself, I have my nails done. I love the polish colors, because they have such silly and creative names.

As for clothing, I know what styles will give my ample self a less-bumpy outline. I no longer buy gorgeous and too-small dresses to hang unworn in my closet while I (don't) lose weight. Instead, I wear what goes well with me and provides comfort. I also wear what I think looks professional and appropriate for a person in my position.

The other day, I was in an academic departmental meeting discussing vital issues, when I glanced at my right upper arm. It had a big bulge in it, like my arm belonged to Popeye and I had been consuming vast quantities of spinach. With that one glance, my efforts at being wrinkle less and polished went down the drain.

My shoulder pad had betrayed me. It was unattached and slithering down the inside of the sleeve of my of-so professional jacket. As surreptitiously as possible, I got up and walked quickly out of the room. I reached into my sleeve, pulled the offending pad out, and tried to figure where to keep it until I could reattach it. This is what it boils down to ... we better have a sense of humor and be in touch with reality, or it will sneak up on you and give you humbling experiences. I will do what I can to look younger, and I will also expend energy on being youthful ... on the inside. The whole thing's a crapshoot, anyway. Right?

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