Thanksgiving Day is upon us once again. I have always been of the opinion that every day should be a day of Thanksgiving, but unfortunately it’s only recognized once a year.

Outside of Christmas, there is probably no other holiday that holds more tradition. Turkey. Stuffing. Cranberries. Pumpkin pie.

Actually, pumpkin pie has never been part of my personal tradition. I have never liked the taste –– much to my mother’s dismay –– and the combination of spices has always given me heartburn. I’ll take apple or blueberry, thank you.

I have had several sweet potato pies that were great. Pecan pie is also a good choice.

Then there’s the tradition of watching football on Thanksgiving Day and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I enjoy a parade as much as the next guy, but my wife is a parade fanatic. If there’s a parade being shown, we’re watching it.

Macy’s has been staging the parade since 1924, which considering the financial situation the company and most other large retailers find themselves in today, it’s really quite a commitment.

Macy’s claims 3.5 million on the ground in New York City and another 50 million watching on television. It takes 8,000 volunteers to stage the parade. That would be every man, woman and child in Wallowa County plus a few more.

The high school band from Grants Pass, Ore., will be there this year. The music is always top-quality.

Wallowa County will have holiday parades of its own again this year 5 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 24, in Joseph and 5:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 8, in Enterprise. Mark your calendars, and come out and join the fun.

You may even see an entry from The Chieftain in at least one of these parades for the first time in many years.

One of my personal Thanksgiving favorites is the turkey induced L-Tryptophan nap Thursday afternoon. Strange how the years we haven’t had turkey, I’ve napped nonetheless.

Because of the tradition of mega-shopping the next day, one medical researcher posited that L-Tryptophan actually makes you want to buy things. And that explains the phenomenon.

Black Friday isn’t quite what it once was as Cyber Monday (Nov. 26) has become increasingly popular. It’s always amazing to me after a day of thanksgiving and peace how people can get into fisticuffs the following morning fighting over toys. But it happens every year.

Thanksgiving is also a good time of year to let those around you know how much you appreciate their efforts throughout the year.

I am thankful for the staff at the Chieftain who make this newspaper possible each week. And there is a small army of folks whom we depend on in the community to keep us supplied with information.

I won’t mention individual names here because I’d most likely forget someone I should have remembered, but we take the term “community” newspaper to heart.

The saying is “it takes a village to educator a child.” I would co-opt that to say “it takes a village to produce a community newspaper.”


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