It is a fair bet that even ranchers and farmers that love Morels prefer clouds that might drop moisture to warmer sunny days that bring mushrooms.

Cool temperatures have not stopped the most die-hard of Morel fanatics from making forays to forest and field. Canyon-folk have checked upriver past River Woods to the snow line and equally as far up Hat Point Road.

The poison being sprayed on the land of The Nature Conservancy to kill weeds is likely to have a detrimental effect on Morels that in past have inhabited their famed cottonwood lined draws.

Possible indicators of imminent Morel explosions have been passed down the line over the years. Some folks venture out when it is 45 degrees at night in the Blues. Others swear that the growth of Wild Asparagus heralds their return. Others rely on Dandelion heads turning white or wait 10 days after Trilliums bloom.

Some say magic and hope spring from the first find of the season. There is a dark rumor that a gentleman downriver found one as big as his thumb. However, the man is a known fisherman and it follows, a teller of tales.

Recently the dollar bills that have covered the ceiling of the Imnaha Store And Tavern came down. This can mean only one thing, it is retirement time for long time owners Dave and Sallie Tanzey. Friends and visitors have long attached their names to bills and with aid of a quarter and thumbtack, shot them skyward in hopes of getting an invite to the upcoming celebration.

Dave owned the store for 29 years and at one point figured it would be less expensive to marry his best employee than to continue to pay her wages. Dave was younger then and not prone to making good financial calculations. Still, he ended up with the love of his life and a great business partner in Sallie.

As far as business over the years goes, the Tanzeys are in agreement that meeting new people from Oregon and around the world made every year a good year. Sallie shares that this is what they will miss most now that retirement smiles on them.

Mr. Tanzey, as he is known by those that do not know him, recently had some health challenges and seems to have weathered them well. He continues to get healthier. Dave looked at it as a wake up call and time to live the dream of many that work long hours for long years. After all, what is the point of working a whole life if one does not take opportunity to enjoy the fruits and freedom of their labor?

It is seen as good fortune that Dave and Margaret Turner stood willing and able to buy the business. These two now begin the writing of a new chapter in the lore and life of Imnaha Canyon. They have made a fine start.

As one era ends and another begins, the time to celebrate has arrived. The date is Saturday May 15th. Free camping will be offered at The Imnaha Motel and RV park on a first come first served basis. Good planners in search of a bargain will be sure to arrive early and stay a day or two late.

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