July 18, 1912

“Not guilty” was the verdict of the jury which last Thursday tried Odell Marr, accused by Dick Martin of violating the laws of the road in such a manner as to cause the collision between an automobile (driven by Martin) and a (horse-drawn) bus, driven by Marr. … The two vehicles came abreast on the bridge where there was not room for both. The auto locked wheels with the bus, wrecking part of the front of the car, and badly injuring one of the horses.

Wallowa County has marketed all its 1912 wool clip, except two lots in the Enterprise warehouse, and a few sacks at Wallowa. The clip amounted to 1,300,000 lbs. and was shipped out in 28 railroad cars. It sold for about $200,000.

Commercial navigation on Snake River, the eastern boundary of Wallowa County, is indeed a reality, as George S. Craig and his son, Asa, can testify. …. When they were high above the stream on one of the benches they saw the Prospector, Glover and McFarlane’s motor boat plowing her way up the current. Residents along the river are having their groceries, implements and farm supplies brought by boat, Mr. Craig said.

A big crowd attended the L.J. Jordan sale Saturday in Enterprise. Immediately after the big sale, S.F. Pace held a sale of T.W. Wortman’s household goods.


July 16, 1942

The labor situation throughout the county continues to grow more critical as the farmers get well into the haying and irrigating season. A few men have gone out from town to help, but the workers are still far short of the demand. … The departure of another contingent of boys for the army today makes the situation that much more critical.

A pounding hailstorm swept in over the Wallowa Mountains last Friday evening about six o’clock and in the next 15 minutes pounded down crops in a strip a few miles wide, running from the edge of the mountains to the Zumwalt area. … One of the first places hit was the Jay Langston farm on the slope where the hay crop was leveled and the grain was severely cut.

The impounded waters in Wallowa Lake are still very high and are pouring over the top of the dam at the foot of the Lake. The runoff from the mountains has been very heavy, according to Harold Steel, watermaster, and there has been little water used so far this year.


July 12, 1962

Gov. and Mrs. Mark O. Hatfield have announced plans to be in Wallowa County for Chief Joseph Days this years. … Following the Shriners breakfast, Governor and Mrs. Hatfield will ride the “surrey with the fringe on top” in the CJD parade.

Mr. William R. Kirby opened the door to the practice of law this week in the former E.E. Grant office in Enterprise. Mr. Kirby has been with the FBI for the past three years and has been situated in several cities throughout the United States.

From a small beginning, the Joseph Library has increased until now they wonder where they will put all of their books and where they are going to find room for a reading table. On July 1, 1937, the Joseph Woman’s Club sponsored the idea of a library in Joseph. … The history has been very interesting and now Stella Mastrude, librarian, reported last month there were 400 children’s books and 148 adult fiction checked out.


July 17, 1987

The Wallowa School Board suspended the high school ag program, hired four teachers (Dawn Emmons, Linda Bauck, Kathy Willett and Valerie Nesemann), and postponed filling a vacancy on the board during its regular monthly meeting.

Tim Kiesecker and Charles Trump topped the list of local musicians competing in the 18th annual Wallowa County Old Time Fiddlers Contest Friday and Saturday. Trump, 69, Wallowa, was named winner of the championship division and also walked away with the Wallowa County title. Kiesecker, 20, Joseph, claimed the open division title. This year’s contest attracted 52 fiddlers from throughout the Northwest.

“It was wonderful, a real success,” said Enterprise Chamber of Commerce president Charlotte McIver about the special centennial Crazy Daze celebration this past weekend.

Able to mount three seventh inning rallies for come from behind victories, Dougherty-Rogge captured first-place trophy at the Wallowa Valley Men’s Softball Tournament Sunday.

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