We, as Americans, deserve to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Right now it is so discouraging to only hear what the mainstream media wants you to hear while keeping what they don’t want you to hear utterly silent.

I read a book close to 50 years ago, George Orwell’s “1984,” that I classified as fiction. I told myself that this could never happen in America because “we” as Americans were too aware of this kind of takeover.

Yet over the past five years, this has silently happened to us. The book called them “thought police.” The socialist/communist countries of the world call it “rules to live by.” If you say anything out of line, you just disappear. Thank God it is not so bad here. But people who believe something different are threatened with harm.

Right now, the tech giants Google, Facebook and Twitter are blocking people and important news articles. Not only that, all the mainstream media have only been reporting what they want you to hear, but keep completely silent about what they call “Russian disinformation.” Now if that wasn’t bad enough, “The Gang of 50,” consisting of retired FBI, CIA and intelligence officials signed a letter released before the election that called a certain person’s laptop information “Russian disinformation.” All of these actions were done on purpose to change an election. This laptop has been under investigation since 2018.

WAKE UP AMERICA. We are losing our America — mom and pop, apple pie, the ability to worship God and not have our gun rights taken from us.

Now let’s run through some facts that are true. Starting back five years ago before Trump was even elected, the Democrats did everything they could to keep him from winning. After he won, there were investigations, lies by high-up executives along with the FBI. That ended with impeachment proceedings — all based on lies they told and retold.

Now let’s jump ahead to 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic. Since all else had failed to remove Trump, some high-up billionaires said, “all is falling in place now. We can blame Trump for the COVID.” And at the same time they were in contact with the “terror organizations” Antifa and Black Lives Matters. “Be ready to strike when we tell you and we will pay you very well for your disruption.”

Trump did such a good job with the warnings to people about COVID that there was nothing to stir up until George Floyd was murdered by a rogue police officer. That was what the billionaires were waiting for and they then told the terror organizations, “full-speed ahead.” As you know, the protests and murders, looting and violence by the terrorists lasted all summer and fall and, of course, Trump and all the Republicans were blamed for this, too!

So now that the mainstream media kept most all the Democrats in the dark about the president-elect’s seeming compromise with China, let’s go to the election. Some Democrats I know told me that if they had have known the facts the “thought police” were covering up, it would have changed their vote.

Donald Trump won all of rural America by 65-70%. Now, Joe Biden won most of the big cities but strangely enough by 30% less than Hillary Clinton won them in 2016. But in a half-dozen or so big cities in question, Trump won by 40-45% more than Clinton got, and the total American votes were 15 million more than Clinton got. (Does anything smell fishy yet?) All states in question by the 74 million plus Trump voters illegally changed their voting rules — rules that only the state legislatures can change. The secretaries of state and governors changed the rules bypassing the legislators.

These rules that are in place for voting need safety upgrades to make sure that the widespread cheating never happens again. How does it happen that in Wayne County, Michigan, they have 1.75-3.75% more ballots then they had registered voters? And all these ballots were counted. How can dead people vote? A lot of them had the same birthday — Jan. 1, 1900. We have all kinds of double voting that happened but none of the double voters have even been questioned. We are being told to drop it, move on. Don’t you understand? We cannot move on until we have answers from these states. There have been over 1,000 affidavits submitted by whistleblowers and signed to be true under penalty of perjury laws that have been ignored by the state courts. All the time they ask, “Where is your proof?” We are all for legal votes but cannot have the voting integrity compromised by counting illegal votes.

As you can see, it has been a super-challenging five years, and especially 2020. With the “thought police” disenfranchising all voters, we have to stand up to what went on. We are losing the America that we grew up to love. I was drafted and fought for our country. We cannot let them steal God, America and our guns from us.

And in the same breath, I wish that the red pen-pointing people without all the facts quit knocking 65% of Wallowa County voters that voted for our country and Donald Trump. We deserve answers.


Bill Coffman moved here from Idaho in 1969. He graduated from Enterprise High School in 1970, is a Vietnam-era vet, timber faller for 40 years and is now retired.

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