Aug. 1, 1912

Few people probably realize the magnitude of the dairy interests of Wallowa County. … Farmers brought more than 10,000 pounds of butter fat to the Enterprise creamery. About $3,000 was distributed among 120 farmers. If other towns in the county matched this, a total of $6,000 was earned by the cows last month.

By the accidental discharge of a shotgun, Aleck Curry shot and killed himself last Friday in the woods near his home south of Flora. Mr. Curry was 23 years old and had been married exactly a month to a daughter of John Burner. Mr. Curry had gone with friends and relatives into the woods to pick whatever huckleberries could be found.

One thousand gallons of huckleberries have been gathered in the woods of Wallowa County every day for the last week or so, it is estimated. Fully 300 persons of all ages have been in the timber and their pick will average more than three gallons a day each. The retail price, which started at about 75 cents a gallon has fallen materially.

Bears are in evidence in many parts of the north part of the county. While the animals are not thick enough anywhere to do much harm, they are widely scattered and getting tolerably bold. Jim Dale, camp tender for Vest & Boswell, sent word to Ray E. Vest the first of the week that bears had killed three sheep.


Aug 3, 1942

Log sawing at the Murrey Mill was started up Tuesday after a suspension of a couple of weeks during which time the sawing crew was released to work in the hay fields.

JOSEPH – Where are the elk at the head of the lake? Some 25 or more years ago a small herd of elk was brought from Billy Meadows pasture and installed on the resort grounds. The herd increased until there were more than 20 roaming around. … Now they are never seen and we wonder why. … We all miss them.

Justice William O. Douglas was called back to Washington Monday from his summer home on the Lostine to attend a special term of the U.S. Supreme Court. It is understood that the special session was called to hear the petition of the eight Nazi spies and saboteur a writ of habeas corpus. The spies have been on trial for several weeks before a military tribunal.

Photo caption: The above picture shows five local boys at Camp Francis E. Warren, Wyo., near Cheyenne: Glen Musty of Paradise, Otis Lathrop of Leap, Carl Scott of Enterprise and Kenneth Brooks and Roy Cobb, of Wallowa.


Aug. 2, 1962

Sunday morning, July 29, Gov. Mark O. Hatfield with officials from local communities spoke at a dedication ceremony at the Indian ceremony at the foot of Wallowa Lake. Gene Boswell’s scout troop, under the leadership of Ben Boswell, was in charge of the flag raising ceremony. … Gilbert Conner (grandson of Young Chief Joseph’s brother Allocut) spoke to a crowd of about 200 people on some of the history concerning the Indians and the ceremony at the lake.

Figures released by the ticket chairman show that Chief Joseph Days rodeo sales this year were almost identical to last year. … One of the most thrilling events was the jumping of the Sky Divers from Walla Walla into the arena.

Saddle Bronc Finals: Jim Roeser, first with 357 points; Cecil Swaggart, second with 355; Ron Raymond, third with 354; and Shirly Bothum, fourth with 350 points.

A meeting Tuesday afternoon of the Lumber and Sawmill Workers Union at Wallowa and the Timber Products Manufacturing Association, which represents the J. Herbert Bate Co. of Wallowa, again ended in deadlock. … The meeting lasted five minutes. … The strike started June 15.


July 30, 1987

By almost anyone’s standard, the 1987 Chief Joseph Days had to be considered a big success. Several new activities attracted large numbers. … The Indian friendship dinner and traditional dance were very well attended, and Main Street was absolutely mobbed for the Great Joseph Bank Robbery Saturday afternoon.

Work to establish the final location for the Dug Bar Road will begin in August. Joe Stockbridge, acting supervisor for the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, said the $130,000 contract to do the preliminary work was awarded to David Evans and Associates of Portland. Reconstruction of some sections of the road and placement of gravel surfacing is scheduled to begin in 1990.

“Please don’t rain on my parade,” was the plea of Chief Joseph Days parade chairman Katie Zollman early on a Saturday morning topped with black, threatening clouds. … A miracle of nature occurred. The rain stopped and the sun began to shine.

The Chief Joseph Days drew 177 contestants, who competed for over $25,000 in prize money, plus local cow milkers who pulled for $100. … The combined average of Shane Crossley of Stanfield of wins in calf roping and team roping won him the all-around honors.

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