OUT OF THE PAST: Some bachelors in Eden unhappy with their lot

<p>High winds prevented onlookers from seeing this hot air balloon lift off the ground during Wallowa’s Fourth of July celebration 100 years ago.</p>


July 11, 1912

Previous reports, it would appear, have not done justice to the bachelors of Eden. The number was previously placed at 17, but there are 23 marriageable men on the slopes above the Grande Ronde and Little Salmon rivers. … Some appear content with their lot. Others frankly say they are tired of cooking their own meals and keeping house. These are the ones who gave such a hearty welcome two weeks ago to Harry Hafer when he brought a bride home. They thought their case might not be helpless.

Dick Martin’s automobile was badly smashed in a collision Saturday with a heavy wagon driven by Odell Marr. … Mr. Marr was arrested later, charged with violating the state law on rights of vehicles.

Records at the courthouse show that bounties have been paid on 461 coyotes and 68 wildcats in the past 12 months that ended July 1, 1912. The killing off of these destructive animals goes steadily on week by week and their number undoubtedly is decreasing.

PARADISE – The Fourth of July is over. Three days celebration at Flora was a good deal for one holiday.


July 9, 1942

Haying is getting under way all over the county and labor situation is not good, most crews operating on about half the men they really need. Wages are good, ranging from $3.50 to $4 for the average “hay digger” and up for stackers.

JOSEPH – The July Fourth holiday in Joseph was a pretty quiet time, marked chiefly by flying flags and automobile loads of holiday folks on their way to the tall timber. It was also marked by the extreme heat wave, which made residents believe they were uncomfortably warm. Out-of-town visitors from Central Oregon know that Wallowa County didn’t really know what heat was.

The Tucker and Peal rodeo held at Wallowa Lake on the afternoons of July 4 and July 5 was well attended and a very good show was given, considering the many handicaps under which the management worked.

WALLOWA – The loggers from this district worked straight through the Fourth of July and Sunday. The need of lumber for the war and the many layoffs earlier in the season due to bad weather kept the men from a holiday.


July 12, 1962

Plans for the 17th annual Chief Joseph Days are beginning to shape up. There were approximately 75 persons in attendance at the Joseph Chamber of Commerce meeting held Monday night. … One motion was approved to change the name of Hell’s Canyon Hall to the Joseph Civic Center immediately following Chief Joseph Days.

Lee Manes, owner of the Wallowa Lake Corrals, sold the highest priced Appaloosa stud at the Palouse Empire Appaloosa Show and Sale held recently at Walla Walla. The horse brought $1,000.

The success of the Wallowa County Educational Day Camp has been directly attributed to the excellent teachers that come to share their knowledge with the young people of Wallowa County. … Among those people this year will be Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Josephy, Jr., of Greenwich, Conn. They have visited and worked in Wallowa county on other occasions but are coming this year to take part in the Day Camp program. … In addition to their own four children, Mrs. Josephy will also care for six Nez Perce 6th and 7th graders during the camp period.

WALLOWA – Sunday, July 8, most of the children of Mrs. Tom (Nettie) Scott met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Scott for a reunion of the Scott clan. About 56 were in attendance.


July 9, 1987

Four turn-of-the-century residents were honored July 1 at the Wallowa County Nursing Home. … The four were Sylvanus Neal, 103, of Lostine; Josie Hays, 102, and Odel Marr, 101 in August, both nursing home residents; and Hattie Fisher, who will be 100 this November.

Hazel Foster, grand marshal of Saturday’s Crazy Daze Parade, still works full-time at Foster’s Plumbing and Heating, a thriving business she helped found with her husband and some 50 years ago.

The Crazy Daze “Celebration of the Century” this Friday and Saturday will commemorate the 100th anniversary of Enterprise’s founding and the dedication of the gazebo on the courthouse lawn.

Jeannie Harmon is “home again” to tell about her wonderful experiences while spending a year in Sendai, Japan, as a Rotary Exchange student.

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