Nov. 10, 1904

New York World's election estimate - The approximate electoral vote stands: Roosevelt, 325; Parker, 151; necessary to a choice, 239. The great mass of the American people gave vent to their will at the polls, which marked another epoch in the history of our proud union, proving beyond a doubt that the power of the ballot box, which is the foundation of American liberties, cannot be influenced by the coercive methods of monolistic money kings of Wall Street.

CHICO - C.B. Daugherty was in Chico a few days ago. He is making preparations to go to the Imnaha in the near future where he will spend the winter looking after Jay Dobbin's sheep.


Nov. 8, 1934

Elected in Wallowa County: State Representative, Dr. C.T. Hockett; County Commissioner, H.O. Harmon; District Attorney, R.V. Chrisman. Only three contests within the county were submitted to the people at the general election and the winners are given above.

Checks for half of the unsecured deposits in the Stockgrowers and Farmers National bank have been mailed to these depositors, putting about $45,000 in the community. This most welcome turn is greatly to the credit of the receiver, Guy Patten, who has had the assistance of the Federal Reconstruction Finance Corporation, which announced several weeks ago a policy of loans to pay depositors of closed banks.

Incidents of the closing night of the Century of Progress, the great world's fair in Chicago, are told in a personal letter from George A. Cheney. He is the junior member of the Record Chieftain family and has worked on the fairgrounds all summer.

Elk hunting is in full tilt this week with about 600 men ranging Chesnimnus Ridge and other districts in the county where the game may be found.


Nov. 11, 1954

The county court has announced the appointment of Miss Claudia Donnelly of Woodburn as Wallowa County public nurse. County Judge Dean Erwin stated the county has been looking for a public health nurse for some time, and five counties were bidding for her services.

Hunters who have not yet found a bull elk may take some small comfort in the fact that only 74 elk had been turned in at lockers in Wallowa County at the end of the first 12 days of the hunting season. This kill of about six elk per day by some 2,000 hunters indicates the average hunter has about a three-tenth of one percent chance of coming home with meat when he sets out on his daily hunt.

WALLOWA - Arlo Henderson was home a few days on leave from his base in Vancouver, B.C. Earl Glen Sherod is home on leave. The two boys went hunting over the weekend.

Safeway Ad - Fresh eviscerated cut-up fryers, 55c lb.; T-bone steaks, 99c lb; pure ground beef, 39c lb.; fresh eggs, 55c dozen; Nob Hill Coffee, 2-lb. bag, $2.03; US Grade 1 potatoes, 10 lbs, $49c; crisp Jonathan apples, three bags for $1.00.


Nov. 8, 1979

"No business can stand still it or it goes backward, and this is particularly true of hospitals," commented Wallowa Memorial Hospital administrator Alex McAllister about the close look that is presently being taken at the medical facility's physical plant and operation. According to McAllister, $70,000 should be spent as soon as possible on repairs and another $113,000 is needed for capital equipment expenditures.

The Joseph City Council agreed Monday night to create a second full-time position in the city police force, but only if adequate funds can be found within the budget to transfer. City police commissioner Jim Steen recommended that Kim Barnett, now working as a part-time officer, be hired full-time for $900 per month.

A visit to the Wallowa home of the Khong family, who arrived from four years in a Tai refuge camp just a little over three months ago, is a visit to a home full of laughter.

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