OUT?OF THE PAST: 5.14.09

<I>Chieftain archives</I><BR>This photo was on the front page of the May 14, 1950, issue of the Chieftain. See 50 YEARS?AGO below.

100 YEARS AGOMay 13, 1909

The orneriest skunk that crawls struck Enterprise a few days ago, and as a consequence a dozen or more dogs, nearly every one valuable, have gone to dog-heaven by the strychnine route. Several good sheep dogs, others valued as watch dogs and even the little boys' pet poodles and terriers have gotten a hold of the poison that was scattered promiscuously around.

The rumor is persistent in railroad circles that a passenger train, making a daily round between La Grande and Joseph will shortly be put on the branch, on May 24, it is now stated.

"From the plans being prepared in the office of architect Robert Miller, a building boom seems to have struck," says the La Grande Star. "Enterprise is soon to have one of the finest, if not the finest, office buildings in eastern Oregon. This building is to be built for the use of the Wallowa County Title and Abstract company."

There are now five candidates for Wallowa County Queen at Portland Rose Festival - Miss Agnes Leslie of Joseph, Miss Maymie Johnston of Lostine and Misses Joyce Craig, Edna Browning and Eula Forsythe.

70 YEARS AGOMay 11, 1939

As the improvements by the CCC move along at the Indian burial grounds at the foot of Wallowa Lake, the problem of maintenance of the grounds is of greatest importance. ... Since the actual labor started April 1, a reservoir which will hold 2,000 gallons of water has been excavated and a ram is to force it from the lake to the reservoir.

Six seniors have won their diplomas at Flora High School, and will receive them at graduation exercises set for next Thursday evening, May 18. The graduates are Wilda Curry, Mable Holloway, Herbert Bork, Lorlene Conrad, Maeci Poole and Lydia Curry.

Sturgeon fishing took an upward turn on the Snake River the past two weeks with warmer weather and higher water. John Olney, who is fishing below Sheep Creek sent down 800 pounds and the Wilson boys and Chet Maynard, who are fishing the upper river and packing their fish to the end of the boat line, had about 1,500 pounds last week.

50 YEARS AGOMay 14, 1959

Front Page Photo - Framed against a background of the beautiful snow-capped Wallowa Mountains and Wallowa Lake, four lovely ladies shown on the Joseph Chamber of Commerce float above. Seated in front are Sharon Arnhart (1956 queen of Chief Joseph Days) and Pat Emmons (1959 princess). Seated the center is this year's queen, Darlene Turner, while Sharon Wilson is standing in the back, just in front of the gigantic, beautiful and colorful Indian headdress..

A plan to administer all of the schools of Wallowa County in one district and under one school board will be voted upon by the citizens of Wallowa County in the next four months, if the plan is approved by the State Board of Education.

St. Patrick's Episcopal Mission has announced plans to construct a permanent summer chapel for tourists at Wallowa Lake.

Valedictorian at Wallowa High School this year is Sandra Baird, who has a grade point average of 3.92. Greg Johnson is salutatorian with a grade point average of 3.71.

25 YEARS AGOMay 17, 1984

On Tuesday of this week, the Chieftain reached the age of 100 years, the oldest business in Wallowa County. To celebrate the centennial of the newspaper, an open house will be held on Friday, starting at 10 a.m. at the Chieftain office. ... Today for the first time the entire four-page issue of the first paper (May 15, 1884) is being reproduced and appears as pages 3, 4, 5 and 6 in this issue of the Chieftain.

The city of Lostine will hold a town hall meeting on June 4 in South Fork Grange Hall for the purpose of discussing a $58,596 bond resolution to finance a new city hall and fire hall.

Taking awards home from Wallowa's annual FFA banquet last week were: John Stonebrink, Brenda Brock, Scott Smyth, Rob Young, James Graham, Delwyn Prince, Renee Akin, Kent Willett, Mike Wood, Brett Stonebrink, Lindsay Johnson, Krag Norton, Doug Cox, Jerry Wood, Darrell Skillings, John Clark, Duane Olson and Bryan Brock.

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