100 YEARS AGOApril 26, 1906

The Blue Mountain Creamer Co. opened up its new plant here yesterday with a goodly supply of milk brought in by the surrounding farmers which, when separated, produced 1,000 pounds of cream, enough for a big churning. A reporter of the Chieftain visited the plant yesterday and was very much impressed by the convenience of everything connected with the creamery.

Deputy Sheriff S.D. Keltner is considerably worried about his folks, who live at San Jose, Calif., which was demolished by the earthquake at the time the San Francisco catastrophe occurred. He has sent several telegraphic dispatches, but has not yet received an answer to them.

Eiseinbeis and Rankin started their sawmill to running at full blast yesterday morning on T.R. Akins place. They have over 400,000 feet of logs on the ground now and they expect to begin logging again as soon as the ground dries.

For Sale or Rent - 160-acre farm on lower Prairie Creek, 100 acres under irrigation, including 100 inches under irrigations in the Farmers Water Ditch, good farm land. Price $18.75 per acre. Term, one half down and remainder on reasonable time. For further information, call on or address C.E. Vest, Enterprise.

70 YEARS AGOApril 30, 1936

Considering that the month of April was ushered in with a temperature of 5 below zero on the morning of the first, it brought a wonderfully rapid development of spring. Leaves are nearly out many soft wood trees, almost a month ahead of the usual date and grass has made a rapid growth, providing almost overnight.

When new roads now under construction are finished, Walla Walla will be just over 100 miles from Enterprise. All but three miles of the road from Elgin to Tollgate is under contract and will be finished early season.

Nine high school boys and the ag teacher, E.G. Axtell, have gone to Corvallis to the annual state meeting of the FFA chapters. The boys who went are George Justice, Mansel Pyles, Leslie Marks, Robert Webb, Marvin Searles, James McAlister, Reed Wade, Ed Thompson and Donald Fleming.

50 YEARS AGOApril 26, 1956

Approximately 300 friends of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Dobbin attended a dinner and meeting in their honor Monday night, sponsored by the Joseph Chamber of Commerce. Tom Keene acted as toastmaster and Ben Weathers presented some of the highlights in the life of the honored guests.

Opposition to "questionable" low dam financing, opposition to necessary water rights and declaration that Hells Canyon is still a live issue were the subjects of a resolution passed by the tri-state Hells Canyon Association at the annual convention of that group in Lewiston on Friday.

Prospects for a heavy transmission line which would give the Wallowa Valley direct access to electric power from the proposed Mountain Sheep-Pleasant Valley dams on the Snake River were revealed here Wednesday by Bernie Thomas, district manager for Pacific Power and Light Co.

A new program designed to stimulate the construction of moderate-priced homes in Wallowa County was announced this week by Clint Sincleir and Ansel Henderson of Walla Walla. Under the program, homes in the $9,000 class may be built for as little as $630 down, or 7 percent, with payments of $55 per month for a 20-year mortgage.

25 YEARS AGOApril 30, 1981

Hampered by a lack of firefighting equipment, residents of Troy worked with garden hoses to save a nearby house while the Troy Resort cafe, grocery store and gas station burned to the ground late Friday night.

The Wallowa County Court heard an appeal from Thomas Dorian on April 15 on the conditional use permit for the construction of cabins that was granted to his Freezeout Creek neighbors on Oct. 28 by the county planning commission. The court continued the question until July 15.

Caryl Coppin, civil worker and former high school librarian, was honored Thursday as First Lady of the Year by the Xi Beta Nu chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority. She was nominated for the honor by the Joseph United Methodist Church Women.

Because of an extremely successful Vegas Night sponsored by the Junior Women, the organization's president, Marilyn Preston, was able to hand over a check of $3,800 to Wallowa Memorial Hospital administrator Ron Ramsey for fund for new critical care unit equipment.

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