Dec. 25, 1902

Mark Homan, an old and respected citizen of Alder Slope, is quite low with small pox. Doubts are entertained as to his recovery. Later: Just as we were going to press we learned that Mr. Homan is dead.

Unless unexpected delay occurs in the construction work on the craft, the pretty new steamer will be launched on New Years Day. ... There now therefore seems but little doubt that the boat will be ready for the initial run up the Snake River by the middle of January.

The Electric Light Company has sent out notices that on Jan. 1st the price of 16 candle power lights will be 60 cents straight with no reduction for any number of lights. The same price to everyone.

GROUSE - A.D. Allen, the assistant fish commissioner, has closed a very successful catch, 8 million sock eyes and between two and three million chinooks.

FRUITA - Since my last paper to the Chieftain the weather has been clear and cold. Much ice is running on the river. The ground is hard, causing an empty wagon to proclaim its own approach. Cattle are gathering around last year's feed yards begging mutely, begging for a few forkfuls of hay.


Dec. 29, 1932

Repeal of part of the prohibition laws of Oregon at the recent election did not prevent a raid Saturday on a large still Saturday on land belonging to A.G. Schnoor in Imnaha canyon. ... The raid was made by Deputy Sheriff John E. Himelright, State Police George M. Rogers and two federal men.

The price of a haircut has been reduced by three barber shops in town to 35 cents for adults and 25 cents for children. No charge is announced in the cost of a shave. In many towns in boom times, a haircut cost up to 75 cents but never went above 50 cents here.

JOSEPH - The dog races were pulled off in Joseph Friday and Saturday per schedule. The first day's race was won by Shirley Sheets with Gerald Spray second and Malcolm Dawson third. The second day Bill Warnock and Gerald Spray tied for first with Dannie DeBoie winning second. The grand sweepstakes winner was Shirley Sheets Saturday afternoon, from a large field, all the previous contestants participating.

Mr. and Mrs. George Wood of Evans as usual had their children and their families at home for Christmas, making a total of 23 persons present. The cordiality of the host and hostess, with turkey and all that went with it, left nothing to be desired.


Dec. 25, 1952

Approximately 1,400 sacks of candy were distributed last week by the Wallowa County Jaycees. ... Santa was especially fortunate this year as snow covered most of the valley, making it easy for him to get around.

Workmem have made rapid progress in recent weeks on the new addition and improvements to the Raven Foods building.

AROUND OUR TOWN - Four of the first string basketball players on the Enterprise team have the same name. There are Gary Lozier, Gary Rahn, Gary Weiss and Gary Coyle. Out for football are three more: Gary Patterson, Gary Cornwell and Gary Berland.

IMNAHA - A large crowd attended the Christmas program at the Imnaha school Friday night. Among those coming from Enterprise were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wergen and family, Mrs. Lillie Maxwell, Mrs. Kelsie Simons and Keith. Mrs. Patton and Mrs. Maxwell came to see their great-granddaughters, Orla May and Gail Teel, take part in the play, and Mrs. Aschenbrenner to see her grandson Bobbie.


Dec. 29, 1977

Henry I. Hatch, a 29-year resident of Joseph, passed away at his home Dec. 25, 1977. ... President for three year of Joseph Chamber of Commerce, he was also former mayor and councilman of Joseph.

The Republican Central Committee recommendation is that Marion McCrae be advanced from county commissioner to county judge to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Gene Wilson.

The Eastern Regional Arts Council is happy to announce that Lee Daggett of Joseph has been hired under a state program as Artist in Residence for Wallowa County.

Members of the Eastern Oregon Guides and Outfitters are still upset with the U.S. Forest Service for issuing a permit to a commercial helicopter pilot allowing him to fly hunters into an area where horse packers are operating.


Dec. 24, 1992

Gary and Nancy Parmenter of Joseph last week were honored by the Spokane City Council for their part in the heroic rescue of a woman who was shot in the face by a gunman who sped off in her car with her baby. The Parmenters aided the woman by picking her up and following her assailant through heavy traffic in downtown Spokane.

Joseph councilor Ken Roberts is stepping into the position of Joseph mayor at the Jan 5 council meeting and leaving behind one vacancy on the council.

Enterprise City Recorder Gary Fletcher was all smiles after landing a 198-lb. blue marlin during a fishing trip off the tip of Baja Mexico this month with brothers Greg and Lyle and father Bill. (Photo cutline)

Winners of the Enterprise Merchants Christmas Decorating Contest: first, Errol and Barbara Roberts; second, Al and Min Fregulia; 3rd, Jerry and Lauretta Cross.

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