Oct. 16, 1902

The county court agreed with Eureka Mining, Smelting and Power Co. to $2,000 on the completion of the J.F. Cutter road beginning at the Imnaha river and ending at the Dobbin cabin, a distance of about seven miles.

The announcement of the organization of a company with a capital of $100,000 for the purpose of establishing a steamboat service between Lewiston and the upper Snake River attracted comment in all circles yesterday. - Lewiston Tribune

GROUSE - Fiker, Bartlett and Co., the merchants, are now preparing to run two stores. They bought the Wilson property at Nauvoo and will have a new post office there that will fill much of the need of the Promiselanders.


Oct. 20, 1932

One of two boys in Oregon chosen for their success in farming, Wayne McFetridge, will go as a delegate from the state to the national convention of the Future Farmers of America to be held at Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 15.

The Crook County Game Protective Association last Wednesday night decided that the band of elk brought there last spring from Wallowa County could find a new home. ... Crook County's elk will be taken to Deschutes County's' woods, far enough from any neighboring ranch that the game commission will be relieved of any further anxiety (about the damage they cause).

With a margin on the right side of $1.68, the county fair committee submitted its financial report yesterday. Receipts were $2,122.71 and disbursements were $2,121.03.

PRAIRIE CREEK - Monday morning we were surprised to find a light skiff of snow, and it did not stop with that, as during the day we had several snow storms which stayed until noon Tuesday.

JOSEPH - A large number of hunters were out all week and many are still out. Among those bringing in deer were Ab Daisley, Dr. Fleschner, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Waterman, Glen Sprague, George Meyers and Robert Reams.


Oct. 16, 1952

A citation addressed to the mayor and city council of Enterprise was received Monday from the state Sanitary Authority Service directing that they appear at a hearing in Portland Oct. 17 to show cause why an order should not be entered against the city requiring abatement of pollution in the Wallowa River caused by discharge of inadequately treated sewage from the city.

A 7-foot cougar was shot by Mike Moffit in the West Grossman district north of Wallowa Monday about noon. Mike and his dogs went out after receiving a report that a cougar had jumped at Mrs. Ferguson and her small daughter, residents of the area.

At a mass meeting Monday night, the following nominations were made for the City of Lostine: mayor, Mike Crow, S.M. Crow and Sadie Makin; treasurer, Hattie Leonard; councilmen, Kenneth Barklow, Noland Makin, D.H. Magill, Sadie Hall and Crawford Hunter.

Hunters brought in 116 bucks to cold storage lockers in Joseph, Enterprise, Lostine and Wallowa during the past week. The total kill for the season now stands at 294.


Oct. 20, 1977

A Wallowa County pay-as-you-go hunting plan, with a recommended charge of $25-$30 per hunter was proposed to the Big Game Committee of the Wallowa County Legislative Committee at an evening meeting last week in the courthouse jury room.

Vern Russell, an employee and elected official for the past 27 years, has submitted his resignation to the Wallowa County Court. The resignation covers only his job as Director of Public Works. He will continue as county surveyor, a position to which he has been elected several times and which he is currently serving.

A special cake was presented to Lloyd and Naomi Doss last Sunday in recognition of 13 years as owners and operators of the Imnaha Store and Tavern. A small group of county friends attended the surprise gathering to honor Lloyd and Naomi, who are in the process of selling the establishment.

Wallowa County is one of 10 counties tentatively identified by the Oregon Development Commission as "economically lagging." The decision would qualify those 10 counties for investment tax credits under a bill approved by the 1977 legislature.

10 Years Ago

Oct. 15, 1992

A proposed study of the 1.4 million acres of land in and around Hells Canyon was soundly defeated in the U.S. House of Representatives Oct. 2, just before Congress adjourned. An amendment proposed by Rep. Peter Kostmayer of Pennsylvania was killed by a voice vote after representatives of the Pacific Northwest assailed the measure because of its impact on local communities.

Magpie Recycling will hold a grand opening celebration as part of its monthly collection from 10-3 Saturday at its depot on Fish Hatchery Road. Festivities include a homemade salsa contest, with people choice winners receiving a Magpie T-shirt.

The "Ferguson for Congress" bus rolled into Enterprise this week with all the pomp and circumstance of a circus sideshow. Candidate Denzel Ferguson hopes to unseat Rep. Bob Smith as U.S. Representative from Oregon's Second Congressional District.

Three proposed, potentially controversial ordinances (on sidewalks, curfews and burning) will be the topic of a special public meeting by the Joseph City Council at the Joseph Community Center Monday.

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