Nov. 13, 1902

The announcement is made that within the next few days what promises to be a decisive test of the possibility of transmitting intelligible wireless messages across the Atlantic will be tested. ... A clear demonstration that this is possible will be certain to revive public interest to a marked degree.

Peter Boudan, Gadias Boudan, Walter Simmons, D.W. Sheahan returned Monday from Portland where Simmons and the Boudans have been before the U.S. Court on a charge of perjury in connection with a land proof. ... To attorney Sheahan is due the credit of bringing out the defective points of the indictment that resulted in the judge instructing the jury to bring in a verdict of not guilty.

The Enterprise Athletic Association will have a fine football and baseball park in a few days. ... All of the businessmen of the town subscribed liberally toward the stock except the proprietors of the two saloons.

The Republicans will control the next Congress. The next Senate will be Republican by at least 11 majority. The Republican majority in the House of Representatives will be over 20.


Nov. 17, 1932

To meet winter conditions, Enterprise merchants have agreed to try the experiment of closing the stores and shop at 5 p.m. beginning Nov. 21, except Saturday when they will keep open until 8 o'clock. ... In the winter farmers leave for home before 5 o'clock and town people can readily adjust themselves to the earlier hour.

This is Red Cross roll week in the county, when all are asked to contribute to the society's chest for local and general relief. ... The county was asked to raise $350, but this sum will not be reached. The prospect is that the Enterprise district will give about $150.

Sportsmen of the county made merry at their game dinner last night at Odd Fellows hall. ... The Joseph Wranglers, five boys, played lively music. The boys were Leslie Gray, Ivan Williamson, Kirk Hays, Eldon Wilson and Tracy Barton, and they appeared in big hats and colored shirts and chaps and looked their part.

LOSTINE - Flu, in a rather severe form, is prevalent in our community at present. Among those who have been ill are Sam Magee and son Ray, Bertha, Wythle and Betty Downs, Joyce Winings, Mrs. George Wage and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wade.


Nov. 13, 1952

Myron Alden Wix, held in the county jail since July 30 on a charge of burglary arising out of the theft of $31 in currency and a wrist watch from the home of Mrs. Ruth Cleaver, was taken to the state penitentiary at Salem Saturday by Sheriff Clarence Booth. Wix was convicted on the burglary charge and sentenced to prison for seven years. ... Later a habitual criminal charge was filed ... and he was given a 25-year sentence on this count.

At least half a dozen game enforcement officers are now at work in Wallowa County following early reports of wanton violation of game laws in the current season.

A second straight Tu-Valley League title was achieved by the Wallowa Cougars Saturday when they won the traditional Armistice game with Enterprise 52-0. The Cougars had no trouble racking up their 22th consecutive triumph and the ninth of the current season.

C.A. Bennett has received almost enough applications for membership in the Isaak Walton League to form a chapter here. The league is dedicated to the restoration and wise use of America's soils, woods, water and wildlife.


Nov. 11, 1977

Since the Enterprise City Council has approved a new ordinance governing social games, four applicants were considered at the council's regular meeting Monday. One was from VFW for bingo, cards and dice, and the other from the Fireplace Lounge for dice, cards and games of skill. Both were approved with a $25 a year annual fee. The Pioneer Guest Home and the Community Center applied for an exemption to the ordinance with the intent to play bingo.

Patty Moffit, coordinator for the Joseph Senior Citizen's Hot Meal program, has been working frantically these past weeks trying to get the Civic Center in Joseph ready to open its doors and offer meals sometime in December.

"Just like 16" is how Hattie Fisher described what it feels like to be 90 years old. Hattie was honored by her family with a dinner party at Toma's last Saturday evening to celebrate the occasion.


Nov. 12, 1992

An arduous rescue effort by local emergency responders failed to save the life of Portland elk hunter Kenneth Woods Sr., 68, who died in the ambulance on the way to Wallowa Memorial Hospital after suffering a heart attack in Eagle Cap Wilderness south of Minam.

The developers of Joseph Point Subdivision scored a victory in their battle to put expensive homes on Wallowa Lake moraine last week when their case was considered by the Oregon Court of Appeals. ... The court ruled that LUBA should reconsider three of five issues raised in the appeal in light of a recent state Supreme Court decision.

The annual Supermarket Saturday food drive at Safeway Store will be held Saturday, Nov. 14.

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