Nov. 17, 1904

From County Court Proceedings, November Term - In the matter of appropriate money for Troy Hill Road. Ordered that their subscription be duplicated, providing said subscription does not exceed $300. E. Richmond of Troy was appointed to take charge and direct said work.

L. Couch, the well-known editor of the Wallowa News and a member of the firm of Couch and McDonald, real estate dealers of Wallowa, was transacting business in this city Tuesday and Wednesday.

Have your horse shod with Never Slip Shoes at F.D. McCully Co.

EDITORIAL - Next year will be the red-letter year in the history of Oregon. The rest of our nation will have a chance to find out through the Lewis and Clark Exposition at Portland the grandeur and resourcefulness of our golden state. ... The time is ripe, so let's take a hold of this opportunity and advertise Wallowa County at the exposition and other ways with all our ability.


Nov. 15, 1934

Reviewing the football season Tuesday night at the Lions Club dinner, Enterprise High School Coach William Felton said the players had learned much, even if they had won no games. He told how 10 boys had suffered injuries and had been taken out of the team, leaving mostly sophomore and freshmen, and how the squad still kept up spirits and never quit working.

The first indication of the Thanksgiving holiday, which will fall on Nov. 29, came Saturday when some fine-looking turkeys were displayed in the market windows in Enterprise. T

urkeys will be higher this year than last, probably selling in the neighborhood from 20 to 22 cents, while the grower will probably receive from 16 to 18 cents for his birds on foot.

JOSEPH - Cary Ward, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Ward, had the misfortune to catch his hand in an electric wringer last week. An accident of this kind happens very frequently and it would be quite a boon for some inventor to perfect a childproof safety device.

LOSTINE - William Perry was among the lucky ones who got his elk. It was a large one and he had the head and horns mounted on the front of his car and many people stopped to look at it.


Nov. 18, 1954

Approximately 100 members of the Northwest section of the American Society of Range Management were on hand here Monday for the annual meeting of the group.

A dinner for the Enterprise High School squad was held at Coyle's Cafe Monday night. Attending were 40 football players and 26 adults. Supt. A. Haberly presented a $100 scholarship to Gary Rahn as the outstanding senior football player.

The Nuss Motor Co. will hold an open house Friday to give the public a chance to come in and see the new 1955 Buick.

Owner Irving Nuss states the new Buick is even more fleet-lined than the 1954 model, and new variable pitch blades in the Dynaflow unit for fast getaways and for cruising are designed to increase performance and save gas.

Dr. George Stewart and wife of Tacoma, Wash., have been looking over prospects for locating in Joseph.


Nov. 15, 1979

The nine-member Cambodian family headed by Var Dor, 25, was met at the Pendleton airport Saturday by members of the Enterprise-Joseph Refugee Committee. The family flew from a Thai refugee camp, which has been home for five years, and were transported to their new home in Enterprise.

A proposed management plan for Hells Canyon would improve access for motorists, slightly increase regulation on Snake River and add 48,000 acres to the National Wilderness System.

EDITORIAL - The fact that a relatively small group of radical students can force their way into an American embassy compound (in Iran), occupy the premises, hold the staff hostage and create an international crisis is almost beyond comprehension.

One down, three games to go. That's the countdown in the Class A football picture where eight teams, including Enterprise and Elgin, remain in the running for the 1979 State Championship.

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