100 YEARS AGOMarch 17, 1910

A beautiful streamer bearing the slogan "Enterprise Does Things" occupied a prominent place across the front of the Fraternal Hall, where the Commercial Club entertained in regal fashion Monday night. Probably every home in Enterprise was represented in the large assemblage at the social booster that packed the hall.

CHICO - We are having lovely weather here. The snow is almost gone and buttercups are now blooming on the hillsides. Although Chesnimnus has recently been very high and has washed out all the foot logs and small bridges on the creek, it is going down some now.

PROMISE - Mr. B. Southwick closed a successful term of school March 3 near Rondowa. ... Miss Carry Van Pelt of Lostine is the new school ma'am at Sunnyside. She commenced the school March 15 and has three months to teach.

70 YEARS AGOMarch 21, 1940

A meeting was called in Wallowa Monday evening to consider the feasibility of consolidating nearby school districts with Wallowa No. 12. They are No. 1, Lower Valley; No. 4, Lower Liberty; No 16, Willow Springs; and No. 40, Lone Pine.

Corda L. Locke has announced his candidacy for sheriff in the republican ticket. ... He is a native Missourian and has lived in the county for several years, farming on the Slope, running a grocery at Wallowa and serving as auctioneer whenever the opportunity offers.

The S.F.& M. store in Enterprise was sold yesterday to Clifford C. Jacobs of Tacoma, Wash., who took immediate possession. His purchase was made from the three partners Stanley Shell of Wallowa and S.E. Forstrom and Rex McRae of Enterprise. ... Naturally the name of the store will be changed and Mr. Jacobs, looking for something distinctive, proposes to call it The Enterpriser.

50 YEARS AGOMarch 17, 1960

The Enterprise School Board of Directors is now doing groundwork with plans for some construction of high school classrooms. The number of elementary students is so large that three of the high school classrooms are no longer for high school use. ... The cost is expected to be $90,000 for six classrooms and $60,000 for the vo-ag and music facilities.

Last week the end of almost 15 years continuous operation of the Enterprise Mt. Emily Lumber mill came as the last log was fed through the saw. It was announced this week that 14 of the 22 employees will be transferred to the Joseph mill and will make up a third shift, working seven hours a day, six days a week.

Wallowa County registered voters, total 3,646: Democrats, 2,278; Republicans, 1,321; Independents, 8; Non-Partisans, 11; Prohibitionists, 2; Progressives, 2; Service Men, 3; and Social-Labor party, 1.

25 YEARS AGOMarch 21, 1985

Caution outweighed optimism Monday night when the Joseph City Council voted 5-2 to reject an offer made by a California aircraft sales manager to buy four acres of city-owned land west of the airport. Kenneth Davenport had offered the city $16,000 to buy the property in order to manufacture a high-priced aerobatic WW II-style aircraft and offer aircraft maintenance and rebuilding.A color photograph taken by Jerry Hunt of Canby at Ice Lake in the Eagle Cap Wilderness was chosen as the winner of the annual 1985-86 Oregon Blue Book cover photo contest.

A controversial proposal to put a mandatory seat belt bill on the ballot met a silent death in the Oregon House Thursday.

Northwest artists are invited to submit their work for the third annual Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts, which will take place April 27 at Cloverleaf Hall in Enterprise. The theme of this year's exhibit is "Western Art in Eastern Oregon."

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