Aug. 14, 1902

The barber shop has been moved out into the street and in a few days the post office building will also be moved in order to make room for a stone building in place of the two old wooden ones.

EDITORIAL: There is much speculation in Eastern Oregon as to the effect of the proposed Forest Reserve here. Wallowa County will be vitally interested if the reserve is made and stock not allowed to range upon it except by permission of the government as in other reserves. Her great summer range for sheep and cattle will not be free, but will be subject to government regulations and the cussedness of politicians in whose makeup it is impossible to be fair and equitable.

Anyone wishing to be vaccinated call on Dr. Temple. He has just received fresh virus.

Sam Litch and Aaron Wade are building large substantial barns on their Alder Slope farms.


Aug. 18, 1932

By decree of Judge J.W. Knowles, signed Saturday, the city's title to the city park was confirmed and opposing claims held invalid. This closed two years of controversy resulting from the attempted sale of the property by the county, through an error, for back taxes.

JOSEPH: Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred McClain and daughter Marjorie spent several days at Lick Creek ranger station last week. They were successful in getting several gallons of huckleberries.

TROY: The weather has been quite warm, the thermometer registering 110 degrees in the canyon and around 100 degrees on the lower benches. The showers Wednesday and Thursday cooled the air and cleared it of the smoke that came from some small forest fires next to the mountains near Bartlett.


Aug. 14, 1952

The Enterprise council will hold a special meeting Monday, Aug. 18, at 7:30 p.m. to pass on two ordinances to set new water rates for residential use and set up a policy for future sewer line construction. Tentative rates for water usage will place a minimum of $2.25 for residential users. The present minimum is $1.25.

One Wallowa County coach and five county boys will participate in the East-West charity football game in Pendleton, for the first time under the auspices of various Shrine clubs of Oregon. Coaching the eastern team will be Don Rollins, coach of the 1951 state champion Wallowa Cougars. Going to play on his team will be Ed Clark, Carl Hauser and Ralph Graham, all of Wallowa; Clarence Boston of Joseph; and Harry (Bud) Frashier, Enterprise.

WALLOWA: Ed Caper moved his family to Woods Butte lookout station Sunday, which is located on Powwatka Road.

ALDER SLOPE: Mr. and Mrs. Keith Searles and sons, Kerry and Kent, spent two weeks camping and picking huckleberries on Indian Crossing.


Aug. 18, 1977

The future of the Wallowa County Mental Health Clinic, obscured by recent budgetary conflicts and staff resignations, received the attention of county officials and mental health representatives alike this week.

The top senior livestock showmen of the fair last week were Mark Barnhart, Joseph; Scott Lathrop and Carol Parker, Enterprise; and Chris Burns, Wallowa. Chris Burns, senior sheep showman, was selected as grand champion.

Tippi Gallery on Hurricane Creek Highway will feature the work of Pam Harr, former Wallowa County resident now living in Bozeman, Mont., this week. Mrs. Harr will have about 50 sculptures on display.


Aug. 13, 1992

Wallowa-Whitman Forest supervisor Bob Richmond announced that Industrial Fire Precaution Level III went into effect midnight Wednesday. The new level is being implemented because of extremely dry conditions in the forest. "We are experiencing the worst drought conditions of the last decade," said Richmond.

The forests of eastern Oregon received a boost last week as the U.S. House of Representatives approved a $12 billion public lands budget including about $54 million for forest health initiatives. The bill also provides $2.6 million for road and campsite construction at Hells Canyon.

Jennifer Isley, daughter of Arleigh and Glenna Isley, has taken over the position of new executive director of the Union County ASCS office.

A total of 64 4-H members participated in the horse events at the Wallowa County Fair last week, including 17 first year juniors, 15 juniors, 27 intermediates and nine seniors.

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