100 YEARS AGOFeb. 7, 1907

Last Sunday, Feb. 3, at the St. Vincent Hospital in Portland after several weeks intense suffering from a complication of diseases. Levi J. Rouse, 72, one of the oldest, most widely known and respected pioneer citizens in this part of the state, was claimed by the angel of death and taken to the realities of another world...When the county was organized in 1887 he was appointed the first superintendent of schools and at the first election was elected to the office of county clerk.

Everyone is having trouble but the people of Wallowa County. A sleet storm in Portland, big snows in Montana, starving the sheep of that country, a fuel famine somewhere else, etc, etc. But in Wallowa County the sun shines brightly, the people are prosperous, their stock is fat and everything is lovely.

In this issue appears the names of the patrons (47) of the Vergere Telephone, who are on the Enterprise exchange. The convenience of having a phone cannot be realized until one is tried. It is hoped that every house in town will soon be equipped with one.

PARADISE - A petition for a post office at Red Firm, Oregon, is being circulated in the interest of Sam Raines to be postmaster...D.G. Ralls, Dave Kuhn and Joe Beach went to Lewiston with hogs last week...H.A. Burns closed his school last week. He taught a good school.

70 YEARS AGOFeb. 11, 1937

The six guns and the typewriter stolen a week ago Friday night from the home of A.B. Stockdale were recovered last week. The guns were found hidden in a pile of county wood half a block from the Stockdale home, and the typewriter was buried nearby.

JOSEPH - A mass meeting has been called in the clubrooms tonight to consider the purchase of the former Daggett garage, with the idea of remodeling it into a community hall and winter playground. Figures were given at the commercial club meeting Monday night to show that it might be possible to buy the property, which the county has taken under tax foreclosure, for a little more than $300.

After an unexpected delay of a week, the purchase of the Enterprise City Creamery by the Higgins Dairy Products organization of Lewiston, Idaho, was completed Monday and the new owners took immediate possession.

PROMISE - News in Promise is scarce, as a number have flu. The Riverside teacher had one pupil until Friday and he took sick with flu, so they discontinued schoolwork...Chet Williams and Vera Hescock went with the mail Friday. Seven members of the Williams family have been sick abed.

50 YEARS AGOFeb. 7, 1957

The extent to which everyone is dependent upon the use of electricity was made abundantly clear last Friday when a break in the main transmission line of the Pacific Power and Light Co. coming into Wallowa County shut off power here for approximately 12 hours. The break occurred at 2:15 p.m. and service was not restored in the Enterprise area until 2:05 a.m.

A memorial urging Congress to authorize the construction of a high Hells Canyon dam was passed by the Oregon House of Representatives Tuesday 37 to 18, with all but one of the Democrats supporting the measure and all but four of the Republicans opposing it. Representatives of Idaho Power Company argued that the construction of a high dam would flood out $14,000,000 of construction work already done at Brownlee.

ALDER SLOPE - It was 8 degree below zero at the Lee Cook farm Wednesday morning and it is usually a little warmer at the foot of the mountains than in the valley.

25 YEARS AGOFeb. 11, 1982

Enterprise school officials for the past two months have been considering a condensed schedule for the 1982-83 school years. Under the plan, proposed by the Enterprise administration, students would spend more time in the classroom for four days and only a half a day on Fridays.

VFW Commander in Chief Art Felwolck of Evanville, Ind., arrived at the Enterprise Airport on a bone-chilling evening last Wednesday.

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