100 YEARS AGOJuly 21, 1910

The launch "Chief Joseph," the larger of the two boats on Wallowa Lake, operated by the Wallowa Lake Amusement Company, was totally destroyed by fire Thursday night last. ... The company in suffering such a loss at the very onset of their enterprise have enough to discourage them, but it is hoped by every resident in the county that they will not permit discouragement to interfere with their plans for making the lake the most popular summer resort in the whole northwest.

TROY - The continued dry weather and hot winds are doing serious damage to crops in this locality. If we do not get rain very soon, the wheat will not yield any better than last year. The corn looks good, also the fruit crop is in good condition.

ELK MOUNTAIN - Harry Hough has sold a quantity of his new crop of hay to Mr. Averell at $6 per ton.

A runaway team near Lostine last Friday narrowly proved fatal to D. Fisher, breaking two ribs, bruising and gashing his head and seriously injuring him about the legs. The team took fright ... and Mr. Fisher was unable to extricate himself as the animals ran at full speed.

70 YEARS AGOJuly 25, 1940

July rains came to a climax Thursday evening in a sudden downpour, which appears to have visited about all parts of the county and was accompanied by hail and lightning in local districts. At Troy it was reported more than an inch of rain, while at Enterprise in measured about a third of an inch. ... Two horses belonging to L.V. Lathrop of Leap were killed and a third burned when lighting struck a wire fence where they were huddled in a corner.

At the end of a railroad trip of 3,000 miles, a full new CCC company arrived at Camp Coverdale Tuesday evening. The men were assembled at Fort McPherson, Ga., and came by special train to the northwest.

The Imnaha store has been sold by Verne Warnock to Everett Ward, who will take possession immediately. ... Mr. Warnock has operated the store for some time, having bought it from Maynard Ward, brother of Everett.

50 YEARS AGOJuly 20, 1960

One of the most severe and widespread electric storms seen in Wallowa County in many years crackled and boomed from one end of the county to the other Tuesday night, touching off approximately 40 fires stretching from the Grossman district to Snake River.

The Chief Joseph Days street flags are now up and a general feeling of excitement is beginning to fill the air. ... The CJD royal court this year consists of Queen Ella Mae Marks, in a beautiful white outfit, and Princesses Sandi Maxwell and Sue Briggs in rose pink tailored outfits, all with white accessories.

IMNAHA - There have been several fires in the Imnaha-Snake district this week near Mormon and below Hat Point. They brought jumpers in to control them.

FLORA - Monday was the hottest day yet, registering in the 90s at Flora and 100 degrees several places on Lost Prairie. Haying is in full swing, but a few are through.

25 YEARS AGOJuly 25, 1985

Top rated professional cowboys will be among those vying for an estimated $22,000 purse at the 40th annual Chief Joseph Days, Oregon's fifth largest rodeo, July 26-28.

"If sunny weather sticks with us, we'll have a good crowd," said Darlene Turner, president of the sponsoring Joseph Chamber of Commerce. A good crowd by the sponsor's standards is 10-12,000.

Monte and Sue Radford of Enterprise are happy recipients of $25 in lottery tickets from Wallowa County Chamber president Marvin Maxwell as "Oregon: You're More Than Welcome" Ambassadors. ... The Radfords received the designation for helping a Spokane family after their Winnebago broke down about 40 miles north of Enterprise. ... They not only towed the motor home to town, but invited the visitors to park it next to their home until it could be fixed and invited them to a Saturday night barbecue.

Two Wallowa County farms - the Bacon farm on Lost Prairie near Flora and the Hayes farm near Joseph - were among 85 recently added to the rolls of Century Farms by the Oregon Historical Society.

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