100 YEARS AGOMarch 24, 1910

The large new windows at the EM&M store give an excellent opportunity to show goods and have been used with good effect.

A quiet wedding occurred at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Catherine Weaver, on Alder Slope, Sunday, March 20, when Miss Frances E. Weaver and Mr. Lorenzo D. Roberts were joined in marriage.

Rev. N. E. Hammack officiated. Mr. and Mrs. Roberts left shortly after the ceremony for a home at Elk Mountain.

The James Stubblefield place of 160 acres on lower Imnaha has been bought by J.F. McCoy for $1,600.

The John Wortman Sr. homestead northeast of town has been bought by E.B. Knapp of this city, the reported price being $2,000. It is fine wheat land, though it has never been broken.

70 YEARS AGOMarch 28, 1940

Deer and elk are two numerous and tame for the welfare of his field crops and garden, W.H. De Jean said, when in town Saturday from his home near Bartlett. ... He intends to build an eight-foot fence around his gardens on the A.B. Davies farm.

It proved to be "blue Monday" for the two Paradise mail carriers, Mr. Nedrow from Enterprise and Mr. Ward from Anatone. Mr. Nedrow got stuck at the four corners, and Mr. Ward stalled in a mud hole in the canyon.

Mrs. William McCormack, 77, whose husband was the first permanent settler on Alder Slope, passed away Sunday evening at the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Wilber Homan.

TROY - Mrs. Merrit Halloway and her six pupils colored eggs Friday and they were hidden on the school grounds for the egg hunt.

Delbert Fordice found the largest number and Robert the smallest number, for which he was given a consolation of a small chocolate rabbit.

50 YEARS AG0March 24, 1960

It was a great day for Wallowa County FFA members at the 32nd annual FFA State Convention in Pendleton last Friday. ... Keith Simmons, 17, an Enterprise High School senior, was named Oregon Star State Farmer and also elected Oregon FFA vice president for 1960-61.

Wallowa County will soon have a new place of amusement opening up in Joseph in the Playmor Lanes, an eight-lane bowling alley. This is situated in the old Joseph Sales building. In the early history of Joseph, an old saloon stood on this corner, which was later converted to various stores.

EDITORIAL - The death of Sen. Richard Neuberger takes from the national and international political field an illustrious man intensely devoted to the task of making the lives of everyone richer and more secure.

LOSTINE - Those going to the FFA State Convention from Lostine High School last week in Pendleton were the following - Rex Johnson, Steven Crow, Jim Ollis, Larry Slater, Gerald Bacon, Louis Lathrop and Earl Nelson.

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