Nov. 20, 2002

Six wagons and teams passed through Enterprise last Thursday enroute for the end of the wagon road leading toward the mines on lower Imnaha. The wagons were loaded with a variety of freight belonging to the Eureka Mining, Smelting and Power Co. and among other things there were two gasoline engines, two electric drills and two dynamos for lighting purposes.

The history of Union and Wallowa counties is being delivered this week. The comment on its merits vary to some extents. Probably in accordance with the amount of money the collector jerks.

EDITORIAL - So much has been written about good roads and the necessity for them that it would seem appropriate to say something about bad roads, as this is the season when they are strongly in evidence. In many parts of the county the roads are so bad that it is distressing to watch the efforts of even the strongest teams to haul an ordinary load.

FRUITA - Gee Whiz! How prodigal some men are with adjectives. If the author of the history of Union and Wallowa counties had underrated the virtues of the citizens of the counties as he has overrated them in his epitomized biographies of us, the air would have sizzled with cuss words as a barrel of water sizzles when a shovel full of red hot stones are dropped into it.


Nov. 24, 1932

After deliberating only a few minutes, the jury trying Frank Evans and Herschel Akoff, his stepson, both of Salem, brought in a verdict of guilty Saturday afternoon. They were accused of possession of elk meat in violation of the state game law. ... Judge Knowles then sentenced each of the men to serve three months in the county jail and each to pay a $500 fine, with the understanding they will be paroled from the jail sentence if the fines are paid in full.

T.J. Cowgill is having a new log house built on his ranch on Joseph Creek, showing that sawmills are not such necessary conveniences after all.

Talks on Thanksgiving were given at the Lions Club Tuesday evening at the Gotter Hotel. ... Rev. Weston F. Shields said President Lincoln first declared the last Thursday of November as Thanksgiving. ... He spoke of the recent period of speculation and the collapse, and said he hoped a policy of "pay as you go" would be followed by public and private business in the future.

Eight green hand members were initiated into the Enterprise High School Ag Club Nov. 7, Robert Sanders, Jack Thompson, Howard Danly, George Justice, Elza Makin, Donald Makin, Eugene Fleshman and Jack Harmon.


Nov. 20, 1952

The Wallowa Cougars ran their winning streak up to 24 straight games by defeating Echo Saturday, 19-12. The victory in the first round of the play-offs in the race fro the state "B" school gridiron title places Wallowa in the top ranking four schools of the state.

Wallowa County's army of elk hunters, estimated at a near record of around 3,000, had all but given up the first of the week, although the season does not end until tonight (Thursday). ... From the Troy area the Chieftain received indignant protests from residents who report that belligerent officers made the rounds of ranches in the area without search warrants looking for cow elk meat.

Violations of the Wage and Hour act were found in Enterprise, Commissioner W.E. Kinsey said today in announcing the completion of a survey of Wallowa County ... The labor department found 13 violations in Enterprise, including three firms with working hours in excess of the legal maximum, which is set at eight hours a day for a 44 hour work week of six days. Two firms were paying less than the 65 cent hourly minimum wage established in their industry.


Nov. 24, 1977

Due to increasing discussion and conflict over the Equal Rights Amendment, Wallowa Valley Activities Program director Judith Bowden has announced that there will be an informational panel discussion on the subject next Thursday at Cloverleaf Hall. Pro and con stands on the ERA will be equally represented with three persons on each side. Don McAllister will serve as moderator.

Sub-zero temperatures over the weekend caused numerous ice flows in the lakes and streams of Wallowa County.

Robert Ferrel, manager of the Enterprise branch of First National Bank for 17 years, will retire next month.

EDITORIAL - The year 1980 may seem a bit remote, but it will be here faster than most of us think. 1980 is the year our Olympic competitors will once against pit themselves against teams around the world in Lake Placid, N.Y., for the winter Olympics and in Moscow, Soviet Union, for the summer Olympics.

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