Street Beat: How does the war in Iraq affect you personally?

Street Beat: How does the war in Iraq affect you personally?

Richard Anderson


"It doesn't. I don't think so now; not at this point."

Patti Coreson


"I have a lot of friends that have loved ones over there. It is a heavy time."

Wendy Hansen


"It deeply depresses me and brings out fear for my child and the world's children."

Don Bryson


"It doesn't. I'm not fighting in the war. If I was it would have a major effect on me. I'm not being bombed or shot at."

Jack Jenkins


"I have lost a lot of sleep over it. Right now I don't think it is going to take very long. It's too bad we didn't get Saddam Hussein a long time ago."

David Hiatt


"It slows down business. I am concerned that America did not get the necessary authorization from the United Nations and the world community to do what they are doing."

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