Street Beat: How important are computers to your everyday life?

Street Beat: How important are computers to your everyday life?

Annie Robinson, Enterprise

"I don't own one and they are not important to me in my everyday life. To some people they make life easier, but they can also make life more complicated."

Donna Mattson, Enterprise

"My everyday job requires computers extensively. Computers are necessary, but often frustrating."

Doug Baird, Enterprise

"Not. I don't have one. I'm from the steam age. When other people use them I guess they affect me, but they are not for me. I'm 76 and too old to learn."

Lyn Wagner, Enterprise

"Well, I haven't got one. They can be dangerous for children if they use them the wrong way. They can expose children to pornography."

Susan Polumsky, Enterprise

"They are extremely important. I use them at work and to keep in touch with my family."

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