Street Beat: How much of a threat is Iraq to the United States?

Clockwise from upper left: Neil Tensen, Willie Locke, Dawn Hayes, Ken Allen and Charlie Olsen.

Neil Tensen,


"I don't think it is a very serious threat, but it is a threat."

Willie Locke,


"I don't think it is much of a threat and that's about all I've got to say."

Dawn Hayes,


"Iraq is a big threat because they have germ warfare. They think differently than we do and will catch us off guard."

Ken Allen,


"Not very much. There are greater threats than Iraq. World terrorism is by far more serious. War should be a last resort."

Charlie Olsen,

Elk Mountain

"I don't think it is a threat. We're just going to go in there and get some more oil, and protect a few countries we shouldn't be protecting."

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