Street Beat: What are you doing to get ready for winter?

Street Beat: What are you doing to get ready for winter?

Jordan Hostetter


"I'm storing up all my fat."

Chad Garrett


"Helping hunters get their meat for the winter (as a guide). I'm also buying winter clothes."

Patrick Johnson


"We put a new wood stove in the restaurant (Cheyenne Cafe). The old stove had been here forever."

Bobbie McDaniel


"I'm looking forward to the change of seasons. I've been raking leaves, cutting bushes and walking more.

Fred Smith

Gervais and Joseph

"Turning the heat on. Which I forgot to do the last time I was here. Luckily, it didn't feeze hard enough to do any damage."

Mary Kearns


"Fortunately I don't have to do too much because I'm self-contained. Two years ago my wonderful neighbor put it a kerosene heater that cut my electric bill way down."

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