Street Beat: What would you put in an anti-terrorism emergency kit?

Street Beat: What would you put in an anti-terrorism emergency kit?

Eric Butterfield


Food and basic survival needs. Fruit Snacks and Dan's chili are things I'd have to have.

Judi Owen


"In a survival kit I'd have dehydrated foods, water, cold weather gear, lighters or matches, cooking utinsels .... and my Bible and my husband."

Kevin McCadden


"I probably wouldn't put one together. Maybe I'm naive, but I feel fairly isolated here."

Klista Steinbeck


"Cash, water, batteries, dried food, a can opener, a flashlight, a radio, candles, matches ... I'm actually making a list, but I haven't done anything about it yet."

Robin Bashon


"I've heard there are these pills you take that help protect you from the effects of radioactivity. That and water, food .... I would have to think about it for awhile."

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