Winter left its mark on Alpine Meadows Golf Course with an abundant scattering of downed limbs coming from those familiar old willows that mostly hang along Trout Creek, and the greens. But, thanks to a good turnout of volunteers — old faces, new faces — who, within a five-day cleanup schedule, raked, piled and hauled every stick to the burn pile.

Thanks also to J.D. Hagan and the greens crew, Greg Oveson, Mac Huff and Tristan Beck, who worked diligently to get the kinks out of the sprinkler system and fertilize the greens before the April 15 opening.

“Because of all the help, we were able to get the course ready much earlier than usual,” says Hagan, greens superintendent.

This past week trees on the No. 1, 7 and 8 greens were trimmed. Earlier, a hazardous tree near the No. 1 tee box, was removed.

A second floating fountain will soon be placed in the pond near the active fountain which was gifted last spring by the Marsha Beier Family in memory of “Buck” Beier.

Doug McKinnis, clubhouse manager, says retail is new to him, but golf isn’t. He is hoping to schedule more tournaments this summer, and also see a lot more tourists using the facility. Doug’s helpers are Cheryl Kooch and Belinda Kunz, both returnees.

Regarding COVID restrictions, Bill Williams, Golf Association president, wants golfers to be knowledgeable of requested requirements.

Golfers must sign in at clubhouse where masks are required. Follow social distancing, avoid handshakes/high fives. Do not remove the flag sticks (ball retrieval units are still on.) One person per cart except for approved pairings. Play sand traps, no free drop.

The clubhouse is open. Hot dogs/drinks are available. Café/bar are closed. Fairway benches are back in place, and No. 8 tee box steps are useable.

The driving range is open, but on a limited basis. Golfers practicing are reminded to stay off the dirt.

Lady golfers’ first meeting is Tuesday, May 11. Please feel free to attend the small amateur group at 9 a.m. at clubhouse.

Quite a group of Wallowa County high school youths are out practicing the game. Joseph/Wallowa golf team is coached by Marvin Gibbs. Kyle Crawford coaches the Enterprise team.


Rochelle Danielson of Enterprise loves the game of golf and has golfed for many years at Alpine Meadows.

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