With a lifting of COVID restrictions this year, Alpine Meadows is back on track scheduling golf tournaments.

On the calendar coming up is the Elks on July 17-18, Joseph school fundraiser, Aug. 14, the Gail Beck Ladies Invitational, Aug. 10 and the Rat Race, Labor Day weekend Sept. 4-5.

Recently played in June, the 8th Annual Triple Six Golf Tournament brought in 44 entries. After meager interest in tourneys in past years, and no scheduled events last year, it was a refreshing twist to see so many golfers sign up for what is a fun-filled day in playing three different golf formats — Best Ball, Scramble and Chapman — all within 18 holes.

“Flight One had 12 two-person teams. Flight Two had 10,” says Doug McKinnis, clubhouse manager. “Out-of-towners — from down Portland way — gave AMGC high marks on course maintenance. Always nice to hear kudos for our greens crew.”

And kudos to Doug for his handling of the tournament. So-to-speak, it was his first rodeo.

A score of 63 gave Dakota Hull and Kyle Crawford the big first low gross win for Flight One. Mel Jackson and Mike Walker, second low gross, shot 71. First low net of 60.80 went to Tristan Beck and Pat Lynn. Second low net of 65.48 gave the Terry Lamb/Dean Duquette duo a slight edge over Dale Johnson/Bo Patske who scored 65.80. Second Flight winners were: first low gross, Richard Gates/Chuck Schrade, with 77. Second low gross, Ryan Collins/Brandon Mahon, with 81. First low net, Tanner Shelton/Patrick Green, 65.52, and second low net, John Lawrence/Bill Williams, 65.60.

Dale Johnson took honors for Closest to the pin on No. 1/10. His drive hit the pin, bounced off and landed 2 feet, 11 inches from the hole. KP on No. 4/13 was Brad Graybeal.

Along with tournaments, golfers are looking forward to a return to normal — before COVID — with more social activities like Friday night Scotch ball, like the café/bar being open, like a place to have lunch, and like ordering an Arnold Palmer (mixture of ice tea and lemonade). Instead of the play golf/go home game, golfers need the freedom of an open clubhouse and patio for relaxation after the game. Let’s bring back the camaraderie, the high-fives and hugs. It’s all a part of the golf game and has been sorely missed.


Rochelle Danielson of Enterprise loves the game of golf and has golfed for many years at Alpine Meadows.

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