Thanks for supporting Enterprise Cemetery project

Director of the Enterprise Cemetery Board Perry Davis (left) and board member Jim Butner (right) accept a Pacific Power Foundation check for $3,500 from Regional Business Manager Pacific Power, Bill Clemens (center). Davis holds the remote control for the water sprinbklers that allows him to turn on any one of the 43 watering zones (235 heades) within a two-mile range at the Enterprise Cemetery. The Foundation award was the second check that Pacific Power Foundation contributed to the popular cemetery project. “We love to support our communities and this will support the entire community over time,” Clemens said. The sprinkler running behind the men is one in the zone that waters the lower old section of the cemetery. “It's been remarkable how fast we got this done,” Davis marvelled. Not pictured, but attending the event, were supporters Sondra Lozier, Pat Willis of the cemetery board, and Betty Butner who also stood in for for her hardworking cemetery project partner Judy Wortman.

The Enterprise Cemetery Maintenance District Board of Directors has formally accepted the irrigation system that was installed over the course of the summer by Hurricane Creek Landscape & Design. Fully automated, the new system will water roughly 80 percent of the 15-acre cemetery, including all of the area platted for grave spaces. System components include 2,300 feet of 3-inch main line, 13,000 feet (almost 2.5 miles) of lateral lines, 43 zone-control valves and decoders, a 5-horsepower booster pump, a programmable commercial-grade controller clock and a master-flow control valve and flow meter. The master-flow control valve and flow meter provide the controller with the information and the means to shut down all irrigation in the event of a break anywhere in the system.

The total cost of the new system, including pre-bid design and engineering, was a little more than $140,000. Funding for the project, in round numbers, can be summarized as follows:

• Donations to Friends of the Enterprise Cemetery: $55,000

• Donations to the Enterprise Cemetery District: $26,000

• Grant From Pacific Power Foundation: $5,000

• Grant from Wildhorse Foundation: $10,000

• Grant from Farm Credit Administration: $2,000

• Gift from city of Enterprise: $2,000

• Allocation from district general funds (made possible by volunteer labor): $10,000

• Re-direction of district reserve for new columbarium: $30,000

• Total Funding: $140,000

Parts of the new system have been in use since late in July, and the new system has been the primary source of cemetery irrigation since mid-August. A small part of the old hand line will be retained to irrigate the area around the shop/office building until plans for that area and funding to execute the plans are firm.

We plan to demonstrate the new system for all who are interested next May coincident with “Groom the Cemetery” day in preparation for Memorial Day 2017.

We thank again all of the individuals and organizations who gave to the cemetery or to The Friends. We thank the Pacific Power Foundation, The Wildhorse Foundation and the Farm Credit Administration for their generous grants, and the city of Enterprise for their donation of money, materials and expertise.

Thanks also to KIE and Anderson-Perry. Every company probably has a line about “Good Corporate Citizenship” somewhere in the mission statement. These two “walk the walk” as well as talk the talk. Both have gone far beyond “good customer support” expectations in providing material support and counsel in both design and installation stages of the project.

Considering that fund raising efforts began little more than a year ago, successful completion of this project is a resounding tribute to the generosity and community spirit of the people of Wallowa County, including those who now live elsewhere but still think of the county as “home.”

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