The Nature of Things: Not all beauty is in nature

The Nature of Things: There's more than one kind of SPAM

When it comes to protecting the environment, do people count for anything anymore? Sure, everyone likes to see unspoiled scenery, wildlife, open spaces filled with wild flowers and free flowing, clear streams. But what about "amber waves of grain?" By that I mean, is the only real beauty on this planet to be found on natural landscapes where mankind has not yet intruded?

There is an environmental confrontation brewing in the Palouse country between the Idaho Transportation Department and local Sierra Club members over the straightening of US Hwy. 95 between Moscow and Lewiston. Not that we have to go out of state to find these kinds of battles over the environment; after all, we have been plagued with our own Andy Kerrs and Ric Baileys here in Oregon for a long time. But this problem over in Idaho is so typical of the mentality of the green movement that it needs to be exposed as an example of how little these people care about the well-being of humanity.

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