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Of all the antiwar groups who took to the streets in America, the one that disgusted me the most was the Hollywood left. One could expect obnoxious behavior from the anti-capitalist anarchists in San Francisco, New York City and Portland, but it makes you wonder why these overpaid celebrities in Hollywood have become such radical leftists when America has been so generous to them. They ran full page ads in major newspapers defiling the Bush Administration and his cabinet, calling them "stupid," "morons," and "idiots." Jessica Lange even told an audience over in Spain that she hated our president so much she was embarrassed to be an American.

Since most of their criticism of the leaders who are running this country had to do with impugning their intelligence, maybe we should take a good look into the education backgrounds of these celebrities and compare them with those of the Bush people.

President George W. Bush received a bachelors degree from Yale and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He served as an F-102 pilot in the Texas National Guard. He was elected governor of Texas in 1994 and was reelected in 1998 with 68.6 percent of the vote.

Vice President Dick Cheney earned a BA in 1965 and an MA in 1966 in political science. Two years later he won an American Political Science Association congressional fellowship. He has served as a congressman and cabinet member in previous administrations.

Secretary of State Colin Powell earned a bachelor's degree from City College of New York and received a commission of second lieutenant in the army for his training in ROTC. He later achieved an MBA from George Washington University. He went on to receive many, many military and civilian awards and decorations for his career in the U. S. Army where he was chief of staff at the Pentagon and he retired as a four star general.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld earned a scholarship to Princeton where he received a BA in 1954. He spent four years as a naval aviator in the late 1960s. He served as U. S. ambassador to NATO, 1973-4, White House chief of staff and secretary of defense, 1975-7.

Condoleezza Rice enrolled at the University of Denver at age 15, graduated at age 19 with a BA in political science (cum laude). She then earned a master's degree at Notre Dame and her doctorate at the University of Denver Graduate School of International Studies. If I were to list all of her awards and achievements and the organizations she has excelled in it would take up this entire column. Let's just say she has one of the keenest minds on international affairs of anyone in American history.

Now let's take a look at the educational resumes of these antiwar Hollywood celebrities to see if they are indeed qualified to be labeling the Bush Administration a bunch of idiots. Barbara Streisand - completed high school, Cher - dropped out of school in ninth grade, Jessica Lange - dropped out of college as a mid-freshman, Martin Sheen - flunked exam to enter the University of Dayton, Alec Baldwin - dropped out of George Washington University after a scandal, Julia Roberts - completed high school, Ed Asner - completed high school, Mike Farrell - completed high school, Jennifer Anniston - completed high school, Janeane Garofelo - dropped out of college, Michael Moore - dropped out of college first year, George Clooney - dropped out of the University of Kentucky, and Larry Hagman - attended Bard College one year.

When comparing the education and experience of these two groups keep in mind that President Bush and his cabinet get daily briefings from the CIA, FBI, INTERPOL, NATO, the UN, our military, and many of our allies around the world.

These celebrities are not privy to any of this information, so just what do they base their superior ability to judge how our leaders should be handling the threats to America's freedoms? Their high school diplomas, their acting ability and their wealth do not qualify them to be experts in international decision making.

There's no question they are talented in their field of entertainment, but they don't seem to be aware of the fact that most of the movies coming out of Hollywood with their sex and violence are one of the reasons many of these other countries hate America. Very few movies are being produced which show the good side of America.

Another thing, these people are actors. Acting is the art of pretending to be a certain character. These pretensions are not reality, and that is indicative of the entire culture of Hollywood celebrities. The highlight of their lives is to go to the Oscar or Grammy Awards in their stretch limos to show off their jewelry, hairdos, and cleavage.

Perhaps they should be commended for becoming millionaires with such a limited education, but to use their celebrity status as a forum to denigrate our nation by going abroad to insult our president and cozy up to our enemies a la Jane Fonda, is inexcusable.

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