Troy news/Flag pole dedication at school lead by VFW

Many in the Troy community joined the VFW and school students and staff to dedicate the new flagpole at Troy School last week. Photo by Bonnie Pierce

Our new flag pole was dedicated at the Troy School last Thursday morning by VFW Post 4307. Commander Larry Kessler was in charge and also attending were Chuck Roberts, Gerald Perren and Mike Koloski, and members of the ladies auxiliary, Linda Koloski, LaValle Roberts, Fern Witherrite and Betty Beaudoin.

In the dedication, the speaker said, "... This flag is the symbol of all that is sacred to us. ... We emphasize our tribute to the flag because we are assembled here to honor those who have fought under that sacred symbol of our land."

Will Cannot got to raise the flag and Salvador raised the state flag. The pledge to the flag was said. Mr. Beyers was given an award by the VFW for the flag and pole. Many people were there, even some visitors. Pictures were taken by the residents and guests. The teacher met with many of the residents that he hadn't seen as yet.

The flag pole will have a flower garden planted in memory of Ruth and Bill Richman. She taught school here and he did janitor work for free.

Wanda and Jim Morgan of Eden Bench brought down some prunes and apples for the residents to take home. Many of our neighbors have extra fruit and vegetable to give away. This is real nice. Again thanks to all of them.

Thursday is garbage day, and the neighbors leave garbage and get together to play cards. Our 94-year-old resident Bud (Howard Johnson) spends this day with residents, and looks forward to the game. You can see him at the restaurant waiting to play cards with his friends.

The old-time fiddlers will have a dance at the North End Grange Hall in Flora on Sept. 28. Everyone is welcome. Come and join the fun. A potluck dinner will be served, and everyone is invited to bring their choice of food and have fun. The grange ladies will serve sandwiches, coffee and juice at midnight.

We (or I should say the North End Grange) will have their annual hunter feed of chili and pie in October. Think about coming, it is laughs and fun. More on this later.

While I was in Troy a truck came through town with a lowboy. On it was a concrete tank and outhouse for Griz Flats. Someone told me he was going to get to use the facilities first; I shall not mention his name, but he works for the game department.

Jerri Mankins is looking for surnames (Bly, Day, Ayers, Fordeyce and Whitmore) in the Enterprise, Joseph, Troy, Flora and Paradise area for family tree information. Her phone number is (509) 291-3331.

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