Last week there were two lightning-started fires on the properties of Doug Mallory and Orvis Moore. The fires were found by a fire chief from Milton-Freewater, Farin Reynolds. He and Darrell went and put the fires out on Doug's place. Others put the fire out on Orvis Moore's place. A big thank to all the people who fought the fires.

Gale Pavoda, the daughter of Lowell and Lila Moore, won a trip to New York (as a promotion selling Elizabeth Arden cosmetic products).

Charlotte Brown is on the mend. I saw her at Troy the other day and she looks real good. Her daughter was with her and so was Ray.

This is getting old, but the people want me to talk about this - the road situation. Washington has a beautiful new road. Ours is nothing but chuckholes. When is the road department going to do something about this? Are we not a part of this county? We, the people, pay road taxes. Where is our part of our money going? It has been this way for a long time. Painting the holes with red paint does not get the job done. I have a list of names that are unhappy. Many unhappy residents wonder, "Do we not count for anything?"

Fishermen at the Zellers' resort caught three nice steelhead this week. They were real happy with their catch.

The other morning I didn't get up at my usual time and I heard Orvis talking to someone. I got up and put on my house coat and went out to the dining room, and to my surprise it was my son, Glen. He was here for a day, had a nice visit, and then was on his way to Hanford to work.

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