Have you heard about the "100 Day" celebration at Troy School? It is coming soon, Monday, March 10, according to the "Beyer's Buzz" newsletter. The purpose is to have fun celebrating the 100th day of school. Residents are invited to come to school and participate on Monday.

Some of the fun (and educational) things that can be done: Students can bring collections of 100 things. Families can make a project or create a picture ahead of time with 100 items (such as beans, pasta, corn, lentils,peas, cotton balls or other common household items). Make a design on a sweatshirt of 100 safety pins, blow up 100 helium baloons, make a trail mix with 10 pieces of 10 items; predict how long it will take 100 ice cubes to melt, or put a 100-piece puzzle together. Mr. Beyer said the students will be doing many of the above projects, as well as doing 100 exercises and spending $100 in play money buying 20 things in a 100-page catalague. Some of the 100 balloons will be used for decoration and some will be launched. Anyone who finds a balloon with a note inside is asked to respond.

These four students are a busy group, always thinking of something to do.

Warren Morris has done the community a great service. He put in a new rack for the mail boxes in Troy. It looks real nice. A big thank you to Warren.

A meeting will be held March 12 at the school community center (library) at 2 p.m. This is about fire suppression! State forestry reps Matt Howard and Andy White will speak from the Wallowa office. Also people from the Umatilla National Forest will speak on training. They have expressed their appreciation on what the residents do. We can't forget our Washington neighbors who also help. They live so close to us. When we have a fire the phones get real busy ... everone who can helps.

Carl Peterson is getting ready to go back to Port Angeles to work on his new boat, the "Last Dance." He is modifying the fish holds in the boat. He hopes to be on his way the first of May.

The Griz Flats sign is gone. Someone had tried to take it down and destroyed the bolts on the back. It is too bad that they don't have any thing better to do. The Muzzleloaders are taking care to put it up so it won't happen again.

A birthday celebration for Iris Mallory, Melvin Kiesecker and Marg Snyder will be at the community center in Anatone, Wash., the 15th of March from 1-4 p.m. A potluck lunch will be served. It is an 80th birthday party for all three peple. Everyone is welcome.

One of Troy's favorite residents is here for a few days, Gene Nuns. He came up from California to help Bud (Howard Johnson) get ready for spring. He had the restaurant when it was Little Rivers Inn.

Pastor Mary Louise said that Bible Study will begin April 2 from 10 a.m.-noon. All are welcome.

The Blue and Gold dinner was a complete success! The cakes made by our Troy Cub Scouts brought in a total of $240. The cake that brought in top dollar was made by Luis Mendez and purchased by the Burns Brothers, owners of the Grande Ronde lodge in Troy, for $100. This was a great boost for all of the Wallowa County Scouts. A big thank you to Pat and Mike.

Dave Flynn has a new addition to his family. A new border collie pup, tentative named Getta, hails all the way from Getta Creek, Idaho. She joins her older brother, Cody.

(Correction: Last week it wasn't Mrs. Beyers who came to visit but Sue Hislop, Mr. Beyer's former school librarian in Federal Way, and her daughter, Jessica.)

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