Troy News: Snake stories: everyone has one, some are just scarier than others

Wanda Morgan Correspondent

The rivers are low and surprisingly muddy, but the weather has been so warm there are more swimmers than fishermen and few rafters. When David Flynn invited Bill, Amy and Cody Graning of Joseph to join him to spray weeds between Minam and the Powatka the river wasn't crowded and things were progressing quite nicely until Bill didn't see the snake that bit him. They were on an island some five and a half miles from the Powatka Bridge. They removed the venom the best they could.

Cody, on one of the smaller rafts had fallen behind and Amy went over to tell him to stay closer. Cody was incoherent and started to have a seizure. Amy screamed. Bill and David managed to drag the raft ashore onto some rocks, spread a pad and carried Cody who wasn't breathing and started to turn blue. David gave him CPR for some fifteen minutes and when he could detect a pulse the men emptied the large raft of some 800 pounds of equipment then took turns paddling until they reached the bridge.

Cody regained consciousness and as they were carrying him to the pickup, parked at the bridge, he asked, "What happened?" Bill said David had saved his life. Cody said, "Thanks, David" and that's when David said he lost it and started to cry. He was so thankful he knew CPR and said he intended to take a refresher course as soon as possible.

At the hospital the doctor said the seizure may have been caused by a head injury Cody suffered some time ago. He checked the snake bite and found no evidence of venom. Cody is doing fine at home.

How good to have David and Cory living up here on the bench in the Red Sargent place on Fish and Wildlife property.

Saundra Kingston said there was a good sized rattle snake "pancaked" on the road in front of Lowell and Lila Moore's, but somebody already cut off the rattles. Dean Dean told us about a rattlesnake some 48 inches long he killed up by Bill Persell's place. Bonnie said Inez Mallory and Nancy Sangster killed one that had something in its mouth.

Ken Kingston said a cougar was spotted over by Cabin 6 at Shilo last week. Not having any snake stories to share this time I thought better about bragging about the toad I saw over at Novak's or the tree frog that was hopping around in our bathroom. By the way slow down on the local roads please. There are more young turkeys, quail, grouse and other road birds than roadrunners in New Mexico. The swallows and hummingbirds have left, but there are still a few bluebirds and doves.

Congratulations to Bob and Terri Morse on being honored by the Stockgrowers as Grassman of the Year. The Morses are a joy to watch when they bring their herd down past our place in the fall. This is open range and they are very considerate of what fences we have around the orchard. Besides, their beef is delicious.

Lizabeth Lucia Sandoval, daughter of Bridgett and Jose Alfredo, great granddaughter of Bonnie Pierce, celebrated her first birthday on August 4. Happy eleventh birthday to Emily Haggard. Sharon Zollman will celebrate on Sept. 3, Ken Kingston on Aug. 23, Kenny Mallory on Sept. 12 and our own Bud Johnson will be 95 years on the Sept. 30. Happy Birthday to all who celebrate in August and September.

There will be big doings at the Shilo over Labor Day weekend. Larry Dahlberg, the singing mailman, will entertain on Sept. 4. There will be a lot to eat and music from 8 p.m. to midnight. Ya'll come.

Bonnie Pierce said if anyone has a waffle iron delivered by mistake, one that makes heart shaped waffles, please let her know. She ordered one some time ago and it apparently went astray.

Mary Louise Carlson, Merle, and their pretty granddaughters were in town last Thursday. They will be moving soon to their residence on the heights in Clarkston. When asked if the rumor was true that they had sold their river spread, Mary Louise said yes, "with all my back problems it was too much to maintain." The new owner is Mike Odom of the Four O Ranch. The Carlsons have always been generous to their neighbors and will be missed.

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