The Troy School board meeting was Tuesday night, Aug. 13. The school received two computers from the Bill Gates foundation, one in English and one in Spanish. This will be nice for our two Spanish speaking students. A motion to purchase two stations for the computers was made and passed.

Bill Meyer, a man with 25 years teaching experience, was hired as the new teacher for the Troy School. He has worked at all grade levels.

As here is a cutback in money, there will be no testing for fifth grade students this year (writing, science and math). Money is short.

The plaque for Ruth Richman is in and will be put up on the school wall with all the other awards.

Troy Kiesecker, his wife Melanie and kids went to North Dakota for a family reunion. Family relatives took daughter Sophia back to Hyattville, Wyo., for two weeks. They are going to bring her back home.

Marly Louise Carlson had house guests, Karen and Neil Grant. Their children Colin and Hailey had such a good time they didn't want to go home. They are from Sherwood.

Our garbage man saw a bobcat and three kittens coming into Troy. Ron and his wife just celebrated their 20th anniversary. Best wishes to them.

People are complaining about the chuck holes in the road downriver. "When are we going to get the road fixed?" is what I hear. They are getting real bad when you have to dodge a car and you hit a hole.

Tammie and Darrell Reynolds are new grandparents twice this month, a new grandson at Nez Perce, Idaho, and a granddaughter at Weippe, Idaho. The boy's name is Kade Howington, born to parents Tanya and Mike Aug. 6. The girl, Marissa Supak, was born Aug. 9 and her parents are Cory and Christina.

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