He was almost instantly dubbed by some in the city of Joseph as a superhero.

While Brock Eckstein more than likely won’t be donning a red cape anytime soon, his efforts — and the speed of them — to get the city back on track are ones to be applauded.

On Thursday, May 27, Eckstein will unveil the individual or individuals responsible for the harassment that has been alleged — actions that led to the resignation of former city Administrator Larry Braden and put Parks Supervisor Dennis Welch on the sideline for about two months. Actions that have landed the Joseph City Council on the front page of this publication almost weekly for more than a month. He and city attorney Wyatt Baum also will propose punishments for those accused.

Truth always comes out. Sometimes it is a long, drawn out, arduous process.

Sometimes, like this, it is a lot faster.

That Eckstein was able to find enough evidence in relatively short order — he was hired as the city’s interim administrator not even three weeks ago — is stunning. It makes one wonder if the evidence was right under the noses of those looking all along.

Or if they weren’t looking all that hard.

Eckstein, in his position, cannot force any charged individuals to resign, though that is a punishment he can recommend that the council choose.

And it is the action we have said repeatedly should be made, and we repeat that refrain here.

If the evidence presented is, indeed, enough to peg this allegation on any person or people beyond a reasonable doubt, the correct thing for those individuals is for them to, indeed, step down from their post.

In order for there to be healing in the city, whoever has been the cause of the discord needs to step away.

Our hope is that this brief, but rough chapter in the history of the Joseph City Council can be put to bed. This has been a messy past couple of months in the town.

Perhaps, finally, the cloud that has lingered can be lifted.

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