Golfers: Are you packing up to go on a long vacation or a short weekend getaway? If so, be sure and throw in your clubs.

“But,” you say, “why should I make room for my clubs? Out-of-town golf courses look daunting, and I may have to pair up with strangers. As much as I enjoy golf, I’m not that good, and I’d make a fool of myself.”

Legitimate excuses, but if you wait until you’ve perfected the game, you’ll miss out on the challenges and the beauty other courses present — like Buffalo Peak’s unique link-style fairways, or the Elkhorn Mountain view at Baker City’s Quail Ridge.

Sure, there’s comfort in having your own foursome, or your own golfing partner, but if you want to play, and you’re a single, the clubhouse personnel will set you up with like-minded golfers.

“You can’t let other golfers intimidate you,” says Jeff Larson, Enterprise class of ‘79, who took lessons from the late Dick Quinn, but who seldom played once he moved to Barrow, Alaska.

Since retirement two years ago, Jeff claims he has played some amazing golf courses, and also met some interesting people.

Several weeks ago, Larson played with three members of the Dove Valley club in Cave Creek, Arizona.

“I sensed them to be good golfers before they swung. They exuded confidence. I’m shooting in the 90s, a duffer by golf standards, but it didn’t bother me, I was just happy to be out there in the morning air. With these dudes watching, I went to hit my drive that lay off the beaten path. About then, one of them said, ‘You’re going to damage your club if you hit out of the dirt.’ I looked at him, and said, ‘I’m not too worried. I have an axe at home that looks better than this club.’ Never heard another peep out of him.”

The moral of this story: Don’t leave your clubs at home. You never know when an out-of-town course will strike your fancy.

On the home front, it’s tournament time at Alpine Meadows. Enter to play in the Triple Six Tourney Saturday, June 26. Call clubhouse for more information.

Thank you, too, to Gene Hatch for taking time to weed and edge around the No. 1 Back Tee. Looks good.


Rochelle Danielson of Enterprise loves the game of golf and has golfed for many years at Alpine Meadows.

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