We would like to add our congratulations to the Enterprise Merchants Association for putting together another successful Winterfest celebration.

By all accounts it was one of the best celebrations since the event began five years ago, with participation at an all-time high.

The Merchants Association deserves a lot of credit for a renewed sense of enthusiasm and camaraderie in downtown Enterprise. The organization, which fell into disarray several years ago, plays an important role in maintaining the vitality and viability of the city.

The Winterfest celebration is just the latest example of this. The merchants have also taken the lead on a number of other projects that contribute to the character and quality of life in and around their city. The beautiful flower pots hung from the lamp posts around the downtown area and maintained by the merchants throughout the summer is one example. Making sure that Hells Canyon Mule Days continued this year after many members of the old guard bailed is another.

There is a tendency in our busy lives to take these kinds of activities for granted. The reality is these events don't just happen - they happen because community-minded individuals care enough to generously donate their time, effort and money. People like Lee Bollman, Kent and Sondra Lozier, marilyn Stein, Vicki Rosgen, Lee Daggett, Sue Wagner, Judy Holbrook, Jeannette Singler, Mary Swanson, Les Bridges, Val Berger, Marty Thompson, and others.

We appreciate what the Enterprise Merchants and many other civic groups do for this community and hope you appreciate their efforts as well. R.S.

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